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48th ETPFGM 2010

London, 28 - 30 June 2010

Organiser: Tassos Karayiannis

List of papers presented


Phase-change heat and mass transfer in internal and external flows
S. Garimella

The development and application of the two-fluid approach for modelling dispersed particle flows
M.W. Reeks

Experimental and numerical studies of transient local heat flow during the entire vapour bubble life cycle in nucleate boiling
P. Stephan

Flow patterns in horizontal and inclined mini-micro channels
A. Ulmmann, N. Brauner

Pressure drop during condensation in microchannels
H. Wang, J. Rose

Effect of mass flux and cross sectional shape in minichannel condensation
D. Del Col, A. Cavallini, S. Bortolin, E. Da Riva, M. Matkovic

Experimental studies of Quench front propagation during single tube reflood
Y. Zeng, C.P. Hale, S.P. Walker, G.F. Hewitt

Effect of inlet design on phase inversion during oil-water flow
K.H. Ngan, K. Ioannou, L.D. Rhyne, P. Angeli

A hybrid continuum/pdf model for the prediction of dispersed particulate flow
R.I. Issa, B. Lad

Bouncing of bubbles on a wall in various liquids
M. Dzedníková, L. Vobecká, L. Vejrazka, M.C. Ruzicka, J. Drahos

Coupled heat and mass transfer analyses of the thermal-hydraylic effects of PWR crud deposits
I. Haq, N. Cinosi, S.P. Walker, G.F. Hewitt

Sorption phenomena in multiphase conveying processes and their influence on flow characteristics
F. Hatesuer, T. Groth, C. Tomforde, A. Luke

Analytical approximation of vane separator efficiencies
H. Koopman

Convective contributions to pool boiling on finned steel tubes
W. Stuerwold, P. Bujok, A. Luke

Wetting behaviours of a single droplet on micro structured surfaces
Y.Y. Yan

Pool boiling of R-123 with and without EHD
S.W. Ahmad, T.G. Karayiannis, D.B.R. Kenning, A. Luke

Boiling in variable gravity under the action of an electric field: Preliminary results of parabolic flight experiments
P. Di Marco, R. Raj, J. Kim

Correlating the intermittently bursting liquid-metal contact zone length
M. Ilyas, S.P. Walker, G.F. Hewitt

Numerical investigation of bubble growth and superheat distribution during pool nucleate boiling on metallic and non-metallic substrates
A. Sanna, D.B.R. Kenning, T.G. Karayiannis

Experimental observations related to the lateral lift force in poly-dispersed bubbly flows
D. Lucas

Agitation of thermally stratified water layer by free rising wobbling air bubble
I. Zun, M. Perpar, J. Gregorc, K. Hayashi, A. Tomiyama

Multidimensional formulation of gas-liquid single-bubble two-phase flow with temperature magnification
W.A. Akber Hassan, X. Jiang, T.G. Karayiannis

Pressure fluctuations during flow boiling of water in mini-microchannels
S. Gedupudi, M. Mirmanto, C. Xanthos, D.B.R. Kenning, T.G. Karayiannis

Channel size effect on gas liquid two-phase frictional pressure drop prediction methods
L. Cheng

A unified flow pattern based two phase frictional pressure drop model for evaporation and condensation in horizontal tubes
L. Cheng, R.J. Da Silva Lima, J.R. Thome

Transient behaviour of evaporating fluid in parallel pipes using analysis based on flow pattern
Y. Taitel, D. Barnea

High speed visualisation of flow boiling phenomena in a silicon multi-microchannel evaporator
N. Borhani, J.R. Thome

Experimental investigations of gas-liquid flow using wire mesh sensor technology
S. Sharaf, B. Azzopardi

Effect of fluid properties in small angle gas-liquid upflows
Ch. Tzotzi, M. Vlachogiannis, N. Andritsos

Flow boiling heat transfer in minichannels in the presence of flow blocking inserts
D. Mikielewicz, M. Klugmann, J. Stasiek

Analysis of flow boiling heat transfer prediction methods in micro-scale channels
L. Cheng, H. Zou

Surface effects and evaluation of prediction methods in boiling flow of R134a in microtubes
M.M. Mahmoud, D.B.R. Kenning, T.G. Karayiannis

Experimental investigation of heat transfer in flow boiling inside a helically coiled small diameter tube
A.M. El-Sayed, R.K. AL-Dadah, S.M. Mahmoud, D.K. Aspinwall, S.L. Soo

A 3-D ale-fem method for microscale two-phase flows
G. Rabello Dos Anjos, N. Borhani, J.R. Thome

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