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The first edition of the European-American-Japanese Two-Phase Flow Group Meeting was hosted by Prof. Rémi Revellin (INSA Lyon, France) in Chamonix, France from 23rd Oct. to 27th Oct. 2022 inclusive.  Prof. Revellin was the meeting Host/Organizer and Prof. Thome was the European Delegate. In tandem, Prof. Tomiyama was the Japanese Delegate and Prof. Tryggvason was the Americas Delegate.​

List of papers presented


ACoolTPS – A Framework  for Simulating Two-Phase Flows
Anjos Gustavo

Effect of Boiling Bubbles  on  Gas-Liquid  Interfacial  Structure
Asano Hitoshi [et al.]

MIT-Boil experience and future challenges: update after 10 years of collabo- rative research
Baglietto Emilio  [et al.]

Data-Driven Multiphase Flow Insight with Deep Learning
Balachandar Sivara- makrishnan

Stability of two-phase stratified flows in circular pipes
Barmak Ilya [et al.]

Interface-resolved Boiling Simulation in Complex Geometries for Machine-Learning Model Development
Bolotnov Igor  [et al.]

Simultaneous measurement of liquid  film  thickness  and  heat  transfer  dur- ing downflow condensation of R134a and R245fa inside a vertical minichannel
Bortolin Stefano [et al.]

Capturing Two-phase Flow beyond Steady States Using Periodic Oscillations
Induced by  Flow Instability
Brooks Caleb [et al.]

Subgrid-scale models for turbulent particle-laden flows from dilute to dense regimes
Capecelatro Jesse [et al.]

Cavitation Inception, Development,  and Noise Emissions Due to the Interaction of a Pair of Line  Vortices
Ceccio Steven

Role of solid and soft particles in tuning microfluidic dripping to jetting tran-sitions
Chagot  Loïc  [et  al.]

Hybrid quadrature moment methods for polydisperse cavitating flows
Colonius Tim [et al.]

High-Fidelity Multi-Scale Modeling Framework for Predicting Turbulent Spray Atomization
Desjardins Olivier [et al.]

Active and Passive techniques for enhancing pool boling in normal and  reduced gravity
Di Marco Paolo [et al.]

Spherical Re-entrant Cavities for Pool Boiling Enhancement
Elkholy Ahmed [et al.]

Effect of Inclination Angle on Evaporating Flow in Parallel Pipes
Hayat Ron Rene [et al.]

Influence of Air Entrainment on Quenching of a Solid Sphere
Hosokawa Shigeo

Development and application of ultrasound techniques to multiphase flows
Hossein Fria [et al.]

Study on High-Precision Simulation Method of Condensation
Ito Kei

Experimental Observation and Temperature Measurement of Lateral Hydrate Growth on a Sessile Droplet
Kamel Muhammad [et al.]

Pool Boiling:  Aspects of Heat transfer Enhancement
Karayiannis Tassos

Multiphase Flow Phenomena  Associated  with  the  Breakup,  emulsification, and Transport of Crude Oil by Surface Waves and Subsurface Plumes
Katz Joseph

A Dual-Scale LES Model for Sub-Filter Dynamics of Phase Interfaces During Atomization
Kedelty Dominic  [et al.]

Bubbly flows in a column with submerged hollow fiber membranes
Kurimoto Ryo [et al.]

Direct numerical simulation of freezing droplets
Legendre Dominique [et al.]

Direct Numerical Simulation of Atomization of Vaporizing Liquids
Ling Yue

Liquid Velocity and Turbulence Measurements in Air-water  Bubbly  Flows using PIV-PLIF
Liu Qingqing [et al.]

Influence of contaminations on the flow structure in an aqueous bubble column
Lucas Dirk

Two-phase frictional pressure gradient: to what extent are the ANN-based methods able to replace the deterministic models?
Mauro Alfonso William [et al.]

Selected Aspects of Flow Boiling of R1233zd(E) at Medium and High Reduced Pressures
Mikielewicz Dariusz

Effect of Bilayer Porous Metal body on Critical Heat Flux Enhancement in a Saturated Pool Boiling
Mori Shoji [et al.]

Numerical simulation of conjugate heat transfer effects on flow boiling in a multi-microchannel evaporator
Municchi Federico [et al.]

Bubble splitters for a bubbly turbulent boundary layer
Murai Yuichi [et al.]

Behaviour of bubble chain in gallium eutectic alloy under influence of transverse magnetic field
Murakawa Hideki [et al.]

Fragmentation of Liquid Drop Falling through Miscible Liquid due to Rayleigh-Taylor  Instability
Nakajima Rina [et al.]

Multiscale deformation and breakup in turbulence
Ni Rui

Experiment on boiling entrainment from a falling liquid film
Okawa Tomio [et al.]

Dispersion of a passive scalar around a Taylor bubble
Picchi Davide [et al.]

Low to Moderate Frequency AC Electric Field Effects on Convective Boiling in the Bubbly Flow Regime
Robinson Anthony

Influence of density and viscosity on deformation, breakage, and coalescence of bubbles in turbulence
Roccon Alessio [et al.]

Study of Plateau-Rayleigh instability in stratified liquid-liquid pipe flow: PIV/PLIF experiments and numerical solution
Rodriguez Oscar

Heat Transfer of Flow Boiling Carbon Dioxide in Vertical Upward Direction
Revellin  Remi  [et  al.]

Hat Tranfer and Pressure Drop Charactieristics of Single and Two-Phase Flows in a Finned Rectangular Channel
Saito Yasushi [et al.]

Gas Removal from Closed-End Small Holes using Pressure Fluctuation
Sanada Toshiyuki

Experimental analysis of the flow-induced noise, structure acceleration and two-phase flow jet velocity at the outlet of a thermal expansion valve

Santos-Filho Erivelto [et al.]

String Cavitation Flow in Multi-Hole Fuel  Injector and Spray
Sou Akira

Drag reduction of a spherical bubble with oscillation in shear-thinning power-law fluid
Sugiyama Kazuyasu [et al.]

Generation of Microbubble Encapsulated Vesicles  and the Manipulations using Ultrasound Field
Takagi Shu

Bubble Cloud Formation by the Backscattering  of  High  Intensity  Focused Ultra Sound from a Bubble Interface
Takahira Hiroyuki [et al.]

Industrialization of Micro-Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Research: Where Are  We?
Thome John

Interface Retaining Coarsening of Multiphase  Flows
Tryggvason  Gretar  [et al.]

Gas-liquid flow hydrodynamics in jumpers  of  subsea  gas  production  systems
Yurishchev  Alexander [et al.]

The percolation law of the boiling crisis
Zhang Limiao [et al.]

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