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The European American Japanese TPFGM

At the European-Japanese Two-Phase Flow Group Meeting held in New York in 2018, Prof. John Thome (EPFL, Switzerland) and Prof. Akio Tomiyama (Kobe University, Japan) suggested to hold a joint three-way meeting with the Americas (North and South). As a result, the bilateral meeting (European-Japanese) hosted this time by Europe has become a trilateral meeting. 


This joint meeting provides a discussion platform that motivates a fruitful emergence of new ideas that can be immediately put into practice in current research, to set up collaborations with research groups in Europe, Americas and in Japan, and to provide a good insight of the latest research occurring in the most qualified European, American and Japanese laboratories of two-phase flow. The special features of the European – American - Japanese Group meetings are:

  • presentations dealing with fresh material (work in progress);

  • quality attendance by invitation only (about 60 participants);

  • ample time for discussion;

  • plenary sessions;

  • informal meeting opportunities;

The first edition of the European-American-Japanese Two-Phase Flow Group Meeting was hosted by Prof. Rémi Revellin (INSA Lyon, France) in Chamonix, France from 23rd Oct. to 27th Oct. 2022 inclusive.  Prof. Revellin was the meeting Host/Organizer and Prof. Thome was the European Delegate. In tandem, Prof. Tomiyama was the Japanese Delegate and Prof. Tryggvason was the Americas Delegate.​

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