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22d ETPFGM 1984

Rome, 19 - 21 June 1984

Organiser: M. Cumo

List of papers presented


Heat Transfer Investigation on Rapid Cladding-Cooling and Quench during the Blowdown Phase of a Large Break Loss-of-Coolant Accident
S.N. Aksan

Calculation Equations Which Give the Critical Flow in an Explicit Form for Reactor Safety Analysis
J. Flinta

Visualization of the Diverging Two-Phase Flow Pattern in a Horizontal T-Junction with Vertical Branch
H. Katsaounis and H.D. Fürst

A Model for the Interfacial Friction in Inverse Annular Film Flow
J. Würtz

Two-Phase Friction Pressure Drop Correlation for Vertical Downflow
L. Friedel

Stability of Void Fraction Waves and Bubble-slug Transition
J.A. Bourè and A. Matuszkiewicz

Thermal Analysis and Working Limits of Heat Pipe Solar Collectors
M. Cucumo and V. Marinelli

Critical Heat Flux for Steam-Water Countercurrent Flow in Vertical Tubes Closed at the Bottom
I. Ceresa and P. Savoldelli

Dryout Results from SVEA 16-Rod Bundle Tests
B. Scholin, J. Linder and H. Broddfelt

CHF in a Small Diameter Tube at Extended Quality Ranges with Refrigerant 12
Th. Mueller-Menzel

Flow Pattern Identification by Pressure Drop and Void Fraction Fluctuations Analysis in Vertical Two-Phase Flow
M. Annunziato and G. Girardi

Temperature Stratification in a Heated Horizontal Tube with Turbulent Single-Phase Flow
P.E. Chew and B. Chojnowski

Two-Phase Blowdown of Initially Saturated Liquid
L. Olsen

2D Effects During Reflooding of a PWR: Forced Reflood Tests of Pericles Programme
J.M. Veteau, P. Clement and R. Deruaz

Reflood Heat Transfer in Severely Blocked Fuel Assemblies
K.G. Pearson and C.A. Cooper

Visualization of the Reflooding of a Vertical Tube by Dynamic Neutron Radiography
G. Costigan and C.D. Wade

Flooding of Air-Water Counter Current Flows in Annuli
D.H. Rooney, H.C. Simpson, M.M. Megahed, E.W. Bessada and A.M. Bradford

Performance Tests of Moisture Separators: Elaboration of the Experimental Results and Comparison with Analytical Predictions for the Irreversible Pressure Losses
M. Sala, and A. Stefani

Mist Choked Flow in Sharp Edged Orifices: Rebeca Program
D. Abramson, M. Maegey and A. Mattei

Lackme's Model of Critical Flow with Flashing Applied to Complex Pipe Geometries
R. Tenaglia and M. Giot

Pressure Drop of Air-Water and Steam-Water Flow in a Dividing T-Junction
J. Reimann and W. Seeger

The Evaluation of Friction Pressure Losses in Two-Phase High Velocity Flow Using Non-Homogeneous Models
F. D'Auria and P. Vigni

Closed Formulation of Interfacial Friction in a Two Fluid Model
H.G. Sonnenburg

Two-Phase Measurements with Impedance Probes and a Turbine Flow Meter
G. Del Tin and M. De Salve

Void Fraction Measurements Performed in a Vertical Large Diameter Tube Compared To Different Predicting Correlations
A. Katsaounis and M. Kuhns

Bubble Chamber Studies Related to Hot Leg Injection in a PWR
H.C. Simpson, D.H. Rooney, G.C. Beggs and M. Isikan

Experimental Investigation of Gas-Liquid Mixture Separators
M. Avitabile and G. Capuano

Effects of Inlet Water Distribution and of Length on Flooding Test Conditions
M. Cumo, G.E. Farello and M. Furrer

Two Phase Flow Real Time Code
Ph. Bonnemay

Steady-State Test on U-Tube Steam Generator Thermal-Hydraulics
G. Cattadori, G. Masini, L. Mazzocchi and A. Venturi

Energy Transport Mechanisms at Reduced Water Inventories during a Small Break LOCA
B. Brand, D. Hein, R. Mandl

Lower Plenum Voiding Qualification of the Cathare Code on Experimental LPV Results
J.C. Micaelli

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