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23rd ETPFGM 1985

Southampton, 4 - 7 June 1985

Organiser: B. Chojnowski

List of papers presented


A Methodology for the Design of Plant Analysers
T.H.E. Chambers and M.J. Whitmarsh-Everiss

RETRAN in the UK
S.R. Kinnersly

Heat Transfer and Pressure Loss in Rifled Tubes
W. Koehler and W. Kastner

Comparison of CHF Results for Non-Mixing and Mixing Vaned Grids
P. Suchy and G. Ulrych

Application of the CATHARE Code to the Calculation of Omega Blowdown Experiments in a Rod Bundle
C. Renault

Steam-Water Flooding or Bypass in PWR Downcomer Annuli
D.H. Rooney, H.C. Simpson, A.M. Bradford and E.W. Bessada

Quantitative Predictions of Phase Distributions in a Circular Pipe
C.W.M. Van der Geld

Horizontal Gas-Liquid Flow Patterns
M. Giot

Characterization of Horizontal Two-Phase Flow in Large Diameter Tubes
M. Annunziato and G. Girardi

Data and Analysis of Pressure Gradient and Liquid Entrainment in Vertical Annular Gas-Liquid Flow
D.G. Owen and G.F. Hewitt

Interfacial Friction Determination for the 1D-6 Equations Two Fluid Model used in the CATHARE Code
D. Bestion

Two-Phase Flow Models in Unbounded Two-Phase Critical Flows
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo and G.E. Farello

On the Possibility of Flow-Pattern Identification by Noise-Analysis Techniques
D. Lübbesmeyer and G.Th. Analytis

Flow Regime Observations in a Vertical Evaporator Tube
C.W.M. van der Geld and C.W.J. Van Koppen

The Role of NII in the Examination of LOCA Analysis at the Sizewell B Inquiry
J. Murray

Current Status of TRAC and RELAP5 - A UK View
I. Brittain, P. Coddington and W.M. Bryce

Experimental Data on Hysteresis Effects in the Transition from Stratified to Slug Flow in Horizontal Tubes
K.H. Bendiksen and D. Malnes

Pericles Programme: Main Conclusions on 2D Effects During Reflooding of a PWR
J.M. Veteau, P. Clement and R. Deruaz

Rewetting During Bottom Flooding
K.G. Pearson

Inverted Annular Film Boiling Heat Transfer in Reflooding at Atmospheric Pressure
E. Frick and F. Widmer

Heat Transfer Above the Quench Front in Single Tubes
G. Costigan, J.C. Ralph and C.D. Wade

Void Fraction in a Serpentine Tube at High Pressures
D.L. Pearce

Critical Flow Calculation and the Evaluation of the Critical Plane Location in a Nozzle with a 1-D Two-Phase Flow Model
M.J. Burwell and P. Romstedt

Foaming Up Behaviour on Behalf of Sudden Pressure Relief in Chemical Reactors
K. Lund and D. Mewes

An Assessment of Condensation Models in Advanced LOCA Codes by Comparison with New Experimental Data
M.C. Ackerman, J.T. Dawson and A.J. Clare

A Test of Some Condensation Models in the Presence of a Non-Condensable Gas Against the ECOTRA Experiment
Ph. Vernier and Ph. Solignac

Two-Phase Pressure Drop Across Valves and Orifice Plates
S.D. Morris

Foster Wheeler Power Products Limited Short Resume of Spiral ARM Type Steam/Water Separator Development
F. Houghton

Annular Two-Phase Flow in Venturis
B.J. Azzopardi and A.H. Govan

Theoretical Studies of Pump Performance in Two-Phase Flow
C.J. Homer

Experimental Study of Steam Water Separation in a Horizontal T-Junction for High Pressure Flow
A. Memponteil

Wall-To-Fluid Mass Transfer in Pipe Bends Subject to Two-Phase Flow
S.J. Wilkin

Transient Tests on PWR Steam Generator Thermal-Hydraulics and Comparison with Code Predictions
G. Cattadori, G. Masini, L. Mazzocchi and A. Venturi

TRAGEN-3: A Computer Code for Thermal-Hydraulic Simulation of PWR Steam Generators
G.P. Benedetti, L. Nigro, C. Sandri and R. Trapani

Validation of NUMEL for AGR Limit Cycling Analysis
C.H. Green

An Outline of a Mathematic Model of Vapour Film Destabilisation
KJ.B. Knowles

Boiling Delay in Initially Saturated Refrigerants During Vessel Top Venting
L. Friedel, S. Purps and E. Molter

The Kelvin-Helmholtz Analysis with Interfacial Level Gradients. Application to Stratified Two-Phase Flow
G.C. Gardner

Two-Phase Net Pressure Drop Across Pipe Fittings
L. Friedel

Collapse of Steam Bubbles in Subcooled Water
H.C. Simpson G.C. Beggs, and O.M. Isikan

Post Dryout Heat Transfer to R12 in Circular 90 deg. - Tube - Bends
G. Lautenschlager and F. Mayinger

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