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24th ETPFGM 1986

Munich, 10 - 13 June 1986

Organiser: F. Mayinger

List of papers presented


Flooding in a Vertical Tube

H.C. Simpson, D.H. Rooney and D.A. McNeil

A Simple Explicit Method for Estimating Gas/Liquid Choked Flow Conditions in Pipeline Restrictions

D.A. McNeil and S.D. Morris

Critical Flow in a Two-Phase Homogenizing Cell

M. Capelle and T. Vromman

The Influence of Non-Condensable Gas on Two-Phase Flow Modeling

Ph. Vernier

Post Dryout in Connection with BWR Main Circulation Pump Trip

O. Nylund, S. Andersson, L. Nilsson and B. Schölin

Heat Transfer in an Evaporator Tube with Circumferentially Non-Uniform Heating

K.M. Becker, A. Enerholm, L. Sardh, W. Köhler, W. Kastner and W. Kratzer

PWR Steam Generators: A Set of Experimental Programs for Three-Dimensional Codes Validation

G. Pierotti and B. Bussy

Two-Phase Flow Pattern Recognition in Straight Tubes

M. Annunziato and G. Girardi

Influence of Channel Shape and Hydraulic Diameter on Quench Front Velocity in Reflooding

M. Flik, D. Lubbesmeyer and G. Yadigaroglu

Fluid Flow Characteristics in Spiral Arm Separators

F.J. Houghton

Dividing Two-Phase Flow at a Junction. Part 1: Annular Flow at a Vertical T

B.J. Azzopardi

Two-Phase Flow Models: The Closure Issue

J.A. Boure

On Droplet Parameter Determination at Dryout

C.W.M. van der Geld, C.W.J. van Koppen

Gamma Densitometer: Analysis of the Measurement Errors of Flow Dynamics Origin

M. Annunziato, P. Bitonti and S. Giammartini

CCFL Prediction with FLUT for the Fuel Element End Box

H. Sonnenburg

Modelling of Steady-State and Dynamic Characteristics of Multi-Zone Fluidized-Bed Boilers

B. Scruton, D.C. Rowe and B. Chojnowski

Dissolution Delay in Gas/Liquid Systems during Vessel Top Venting

L. Friedel

Counter-Current Flow of Steam and Water in Fuel Elements

R. Spatz and D. Mewes

The Two-Phase Flow of a Two-Component System during the Depressurization of a Chemical Reactor

F. Hardekopf and D. Mewes

Critical Two-Phase Flow Through Rough Slits

H. John and J. Reimann

Measurements of Velocity Distributions and Turbulence Decay in Axial Rod Bundle Flow Downstream Vortex and Mixing Generators

G. Probstle, P. Suchy and G. Ulrych

Flow Pattern Measurements in a Vertical Evaporator Tube

P.G.M.T. Boot, H.A.M. Hendriksen and C.W.J. van Koppen

Experimental Results on the Thermal-Hydraulics of the Secondary Side of a Steam Generator Rod Bundle

F. de Crecy, R. Roumy, G. Mayet and F. Falk

Multiphase Pipeline Design Studies

A. Gilchrist, D.H. Rooney, E. Grattan and T.M.S. Callander

Experimental Study on Phase Separation in a T-Junction for Steam-Water Stratified Inlet Flow

T. Maciaszek and A. Memponteil

PWR Cluster Critical Heat Flux Tests Carried Out in the Titan Loop at Winfrith

G.L. Shires, D.H. Lee, F.H. Bowditch and D.J. Mogford

Two-Phase Flow in T-Junctions with Small Branches

J. Reimann, H.J. Brinkmann and W. Bopp

U-Tube Seal Break Characteristics

G.C. Gardner, N. Newman and H.S. Oates

Post-Dryout Heat Transfer in Curved Tubes

G. Lautenschlager and F. Mayinger

Dependence of the Instantaneous Response of Impedance Probes on the Local Distribution of the Void Fraction in a Pipe

A. Tournaire

DICO: A Multipurpose Experimental Set-Up for Use in Bundle Void Fraction Measurements by g-rays Attenuation and Scattering Techniques

I. Szabo and H. Pelicier

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