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25th ETPFGM 1987

Trondheim, 1 - 4 June 1987

Organiser: K. Bendiksen

List of papers presented


Two-Phase Flow Research at SINTEF and IFE: Some Experimental Results and a Demonstration of the Dynamic Two-Phase Flow Simulator
O.P. Fuchs

Assessment of Interfacial Shear and Wall Heat Transfer of RELAP 5/M0D2/36.02 during Reflooding
G.Th. Analytis, M. Richnera and S.N. Aksan

Phenomenological Aspects of Code Assessment using LOBI-MOD2 Experimental Data
B. Worth et al.

Penetration Effects Arising from Simulated Hot-Leg Injection in a 1/10 scale PWR Test Facility
H.C. Simpson and A.M. Bradford

Numerical Simulation of Liquid Drop Collision with a Rigid Flat Plate
C. van der Geld and W. Sluyter

Level Swell and Void Distribution in a Discharging Vertical Vessel
G. Friz

Stratified Gas-Liquid Flow in Near-Horizontal Pipelines
P. Andreussi, A.O. Donfrancesco and A. Minervini

Unsteady Gas-Liquid Flow in Horizontal Pipes
B. Caussade, J. Fabre and B. Theron

Horizontal Two-Phase Flow Studies using R 113
T.M.S. Callander and A. Gilchrist

Sand Bed Formation in Horizontal and Near Horizontal Gas-Liquid-Sand Flow
S. Angelsen, S. Holte, O. Kvernvold and H. Reder

Counter-Current Flow in Large Geometries First Results of the Upper Plenum Test Facility
H. Watzinger, P. Weiss and R. Hertlein

Counter-Current Flow Model in PWR Hot Leg
H. Boileau

Counter-Current Flow of Steam and Subcooled Water in Fuel Elements
R. Spatz and D. Mewes

Boildown Computations for a Vessel Downcomer Configuration
I. Shepherd, R. Nijsing and J.S. Duffield

Measurements and Observations of the Split of Annular Flow at a Vertical T-Junction
B.J. Azzopardi

Single-Phase and Two-Phase Flow in a T-Junction. A Theoretical Study
H. Lemonnier

Phase Redistributions and Pressure Drop in T-Junctions of Different Diameter Ratios
R. Domanski, J. Reimann and U. Müller

Two-Phase Flow in a Confluent Junction
M. Giot, P. Plissart and Th. Vromman

2D Effects During Reflooding of a PWR: Quench Front Propagation Modelling from Pericles Experiments
J.M. Veteau and C. Housiadas

Experimental Studies of Two-Phase Flow Across Tube Banks
G. Pierotti and B. Bussy

Slow Depressurization Experiments in Vertical Rod Bundles and Annuli
D. Bestion

Nuclear Steam Generators - Current Status
G. Hetsroni

Subcooled Boiling Heat Transfer to R 12 in an Annular Vertical Channel
H. Brauer and F. Mayinger

Inferences, Measurement and Prediction of Radial Void Distributions
C.W.M. van der Geld

Two-Phase Pressure Loss Model for Pressure Relief Valves
L. Friedel and H.M. Kissner

Two-Phase Pressure Loss in a Rupture Disc/Safety Valve Unit
L. Friedel and H.M. Kissner

Progress in Technology and Signal Treatment of Mono and Bi-Optical Probe for Two-Phase Flow Measurements
F. Ferrand, B. Dautrey, J.M. Gouirand and J.C. Riou

Methods for Signals Processing of Gamma Densitometers
M. Annunziato, P. Bitonti and S. Giammartini

Void Fraction Measurements by Optical Probe System
M. Annunziato, S. Giammartini, M. Presaghi and M. Sica

The Applicability of the Shear Stress Device K-Tube in Two-Phase Flow
G. Onsrud

Boiling Crisis in Evaporator Tubes of Various Orientations
V. Kefer, W. Kohler and W. Kastner

Equivalent Rod Bundle Correlation (ER3-2) for the Design of KWU Reload Fuel for W-Reactors
K. Mistelberger, P. Suchy, G. Ulrych and Ch. Vogel

Critical Heat Flux Phenomena in Flow Boiling During Power Transients
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, F. D'Annibale, G.E. Farello and S. Abou Said

Steady-State Post-Dryout Results at Low Quality and Moderate Pressure
D. Swinnerton, K.G. Pearson and M.L. Hood

The Influence of Non-Condensable Gas on Two-Phase Critical Flow
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, G.E. Farello and F. D'Annibale

Phenomena Related to the Condensation of Countercurrent and Cocurrent Steam on the Surface of Subcooled Stratified Water Flows
W. Eifler

Condensation of Steam out of Steam-Air Mixtures along a Cooled Horizontal Tube in Annular Flow
G. Nolte, and F. Mayinger

Forced Convection Condensation along a Flat Plate in the Presence of Non-Condensable Gas and of Liquid Droplets
A. Matuszkiewicz and Ph. Vernier

Experimental Study on Reflux Condensation Inside a Tube Simulating 2 U-Tube of a PWR Steam Generator
V. Marcolongo, G. Masini, A. Achilli, S. Gandolfi and O. Vescovi

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