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26th ETPFGM 1988

Brussels, 30 May - 1 June 1988

Organiser: M. Giot

List of papers presented


Bubble Driven Mixing of the Oxidic and Metallic Phases during MCCI
A. Suter and G. Yadigaroglu

Drop Interactions in Pulsed Perforated Plate Extraction Columns
H. Schmidt and R. Mai

Destratification in an Horizontal Steam Water Flow
A. Memponteil

Analysis of Slug Flow in Near Horizontal and Horizontal Pipes
P. Andreussi, A. Paglianti, N. Vatistas, A. Mineryini and K. Bendiksen

The Dependence of Flow Pattern Transitions on Tube Diameter and Pressure
C.W.M. Van der Geld and P.G.M.T. Boot

Investigation of Fluid Property Effects in Horizontal Two-Phase Flow - Flow of Freon 113
A. Gilchrist, T.M.S. Callander and T.N. Wong

Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Two-Phase Flow Related to the Depressurization of Chemical Reactor Vessel
F. Hardekopf and D. Mewes

Critical Flow of Hydrocarbon Mixtures Through Nozzles
Th. Vromman and M. Giot

Leakage Rates of Refrigerants Through Cracks
L. Friedel and F. Westphal

Single-Phase and Two-Phase Flow Resistance Across Rupture Discs
L. Friedel and H.M. Kissner

Sensitivity Analysis of an Impedance Void Meter to the Void Distribution in Annular and Bubbly Flow : A Theoretical Study
H. Lemonnier, R. Nakach and S. Selmer-Olsen

The Split of Two-Phase Flow at a Horizontal T-Annular and Stratified Flow
B.J. Azzopardi, D. Wagstaff, L. Patrick and S.B. Memory

Presentation of the Thermohydraulic Activities in Spain
J.M. Izquierdo

Flooding in Horizontal Pipes
P.S. Black, G.F. Hewitt and D.C. Leslie

Air-Water Flooding Experiments in Vertical Round Channels with Obstructions
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, G.E. Farello and T. Setaro

Controlling Mechanisms for Counter-Current Flow in the Upper Part of a PWR Core
R. Hertlein and W. Herr

Film Structure and Pressure Gradient in Air-Water Counter-Current Flows
D. Emmerechts and M. Giot

Heat Transfer in Vertical and Horizontal One-Side Heated Evaporator Tubes
W. Kohler, V. Kefer and W. Kastner

Spray Cooling Experiments on SVEA Water Cross BWR Fuel
O. Nylund, R. Eklund and H. Wijkström

CHF in Multiple Transients: Flow Rate and Power Simultaneous Variations
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, F. D'Annibale and G.E. Farello

Bottom Reflooding of a 37 Tight Lattice Rod Bundle for Future PWRs
J.M. Veteau, A. Digonnet and J. Lafay

Properties of Kinematic Waves in Two-Phase Pipe Flows. Consequences on the Modeling Strategy
J.A. Boure

Treatment of Moving Phase Boundaries and Mixture-Density Discontinuities in Axial Two-Phase Flow
R. Nijsing

Void Fraction and Pressure Drop in Subcooled Forced Convection Boiling with Refrigerant 12
G. Stangl and F. Mayinger

Flooding in a Vertical Tube During the Counter Current Flow of Steam and Subcooled Water
A.M. Bradford, H.C. Simpson and H. Ahmed

Transient Gas Liquid Slug Flow
J. Fabre, B. Caussade, C. Jean and B. Theron

Heat Transfer Performance of a Power Station Condenser and Effects of Non Condensable Gases
G. Masini and L. Mazzocchi

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Condensation and the Condensate Subcooling Inside a Vertical Tube
M. Weber and L. Delvaux

Modeling the Transient Behaviour of the Dryout Front in a Steam Generating Tube
D.R. Atthey, B. Scruton and B. Chojnowski

PWR Steam Generator of a French 1300 MWe Plant Interpretation of Paluel Field Measurements with the Three Dimensional Computer Code CAFCA

J.Y. Boivin, G. Pierotti and D. Tincq

Steam Generator Bundle Subchannel Analysis
J.F. Haquet, J.C. Bouchter, P. Maret and J.F. Ivars

A PWR Steam Generator Model for Operational Dynamics and Control System Studies (NUMAC-PWR)
P. Lightfoot, C.H. Green and R. Chojnowski

Spray Characterization and Direct Measurement of Drop Size and Velocity Distributions Using Pulsed Laser Holography
A. Chavez and F. Mayinger

A Heated Thermocouple Probe for Dynamic Level and Local Phase Detection
M. Annunziato, G. Manzi, A. Pasqualini, M. Presaghi and F. Romanello

Flow Regime Calculations for U-Bend Region of PWR Steam Generator
D.L. Pearce, D. Longworth and B. Chojnowski

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