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28th ETPFGM 1990

Ispra, 21 - 23 May 1990

Organiser: R. Nijsing

List of papers presented


Mechanistic Crack Leakage Rate Prediction Method
L. Friedel and F. Westphal

Flashing Experiments by Rupture of Vessels Containing Superheated Liquid
J. Schmidli, S. Banerjee, G.P. Celata and G. Yadigaroglu

Critical Two-Phase Flow: Models and Data
C. Alimonti, A. Fritte and M. Giot

Non-Equilibrium Modelling of Two-Phase Flows in Nozzles
J.B. Castaigne and J.S. Duffield

An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Tensides on the Rise Velocity of Nitrogen Bubbles in Water
K.M. Becker and H. Olander

Void Fraction Profile Evolution in Bubbly Flow
I. Zun and S. Moze

Gas Liquid Flow in Tube at Micro-Gravity Condition
C. Colin, J. Fabre and A.E. Dukler

Slug Characterization in Long Pipelines
M. Annunziato, M. Canti and A. Gallotti

The Fractal Statistics of Liquid Slug Lengths
G. Sather, K. Bendiksen, J. Miller and E. Froland

Some Hydrodynamic Stability Aspects of Inverted Annular Flow in an Adiabatic Simulation
A.M. Bradford and S. Doerffer

Droplet Concentration Distribution in Horizontal Annular Flow
S.V. Para and A.J. Karabelas

Measurement of Size and Velocities of Droplets in Dispersed Flows by Using Pulsed Laser Holography and Digital Image Processing
A. Chavez and F. Mayinger

Recent Advances in Transition Boiling Research
H. Auracher

Preliminary Remarks on High Heat Flux CHF in Subcooled Water Flow Boiling
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, G.E. Farello and A. Mariani

Prediction of Dryout Using Phenomenological Models
A.H. Govan and G.F. Hewitt

Post Dryout Heat Flux and Minimum Film Boiling Temperature Measurements
D. Swinnerton and R.A. Savage

Heat Transfer and Void Fraction of Dispersed Two-Phase Flow in 90deg. Circular Bends
M.J. Wan and F. Mayinger

Experimental Investigation Concerning the Boil-Off Phenomena
C. Bertani and G. Del Tin

Effect of Lattice Pitch on the Thermal-Hydraulic Performance of 5x5 BWR Rod Bundle
U. Erikson, M. Majed, O. Nylund and B. Scholin

VATICAN: An Experimental Program for Fuel Assembly Code Validation. First Results and Comparison with THYC Calculations
C. Niedergang and J. Guichard EDF

Influence of Non-Condensible Gas on Natural Circulation in PWR
B. Brand, R. Mandl and K. Unninger

F2 - PWR Refill Studies
W.M. Demter, H.C. Simpson and D. Abouhadra

Stability of Single Phase Flow in an Inverted U-tube Steam Generator and Domains of Attraction for Forward and Reversed Flow
J. Sanders

Deaerator Transient Depressurization Studies
A. Gilchrist, C.K. Lee and C. Carey

A 3D Finite Element Code for Two-Phase Flow Analysis in PWR Steam Generators
J.L. Cheissoux, M. Grandotto, J.P. Gaillard, M. Berard and P. Obry

Two-Phase Pressure Drop Through Distribution and Tube Support Plates Typical of Steam Generators
G. Pierrotti and P. Decembre

Flow Split at a T-Junction- Effect of Downstream Geometry
B.J. Azzopardi and P.A. Smith

Two-Phase Pressure Drops in a Vertical T-Junction in Bubbly Flow
F. Boulanger and H. Lemonnier

Recent Developments on Interfacial Friction Models
D. Bestion

Hold-Up Analysis from Pressure Drop Measurements in Vertical Flow
I. Brandt

The Flow of Two Liquids and Air in Horizontal Pipes - Pressure Drop and Flow Regimes
H. Herm Stapelber and D. Mewes

Design and Development of a Steam Quality Measuring Device and of its Testing Facility
V. Marcolongo and A. Testi

Survey and Analysis on Moisture Separation Equipment for Nuclear Turbines with Saturated
Stearn P. von Bockh

Modelling of Interfacial Deformation due to Marangoni Convection
C.W.M. van der Geld

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