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29th ETPFGM 1991

Rome, 27 - 29 May 1991

Organiser: G.P. Celata

List of papers presented


Bubble Detachment from a Vertical Flat Wall in a Vertical Flow
W.G.J. van Helden, C.W.M. van der Geld and P.G.M.T. Boot

Hysteresis Phenomena in Subcooled Flow Boiling of Well Wetting Fluids
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo and T. Setaro

Heat Transfer and Burn-out at High Heat Fluxes (10-50 MW/m2) in Subcooled Water
A. Cardella, G.P. Celata and G.P. Gaspari

Mathematical Modelling of a Heavy Fuel Oil-Fired Large-Scale Furnace
A. Barreiros and M. da Graça Carvalho

Experimental Studies of Countercurrent Flow in Inclined Pipes
H. Beckmann and D. Mewes

PWR Vessel Downcomer Flow Topology
W. Dempster and D. Abouhadra

Two-Phase Flow Phenomena in the Upper Plenum of a Pressurized Water Reactor
M. Geweke and D. Mewes

Analytical Modeling of Inverted-Annular Film-Boiling: Improvement and Assessment
F. De Cachard

An Experimental Program for Fuel Assembly Code Validation. First Results and THYC Qualification on Low Pressure Tests
C. Duval-Niedergang and J. Guichard

Some Aspects of Thermal-Hydraulic Behaviour of Power Plants Feed Water Heaters
F. Fabrizi and L. Rinaldi

Two-Phase Flow Computations of Rod Bundle Experiments with the FLICA 4 Computer Code
P. Raymond and D. Caruge

Experimental and Analytical Analysis of Top Reactor Venting During Thermal Runaway Reaction
L. Friedel and G. Wehmeier

Intentional PCS Depressurization in the LOBI-MOD2 Test Facility
G. De Santi, A. Annunziato and C. Addabbo

Studies on Pressure Vessel/Drum Transient Depressurisation
D.M. Lu, H.C. Simpson and A. Gilchrist

PIPER-ONE Research: Overview of the Experiments Carried Out and Lessons Learned
M. Mazzini, R. Bovalini, F. D'Auria, S. Pintore and P. Vigni

Computer Simulation of the Thermohydraulic Behaviour of Nuclear Reactors with Passive Features
L. Mansani and W. Marquino

The Simulation of Dynamic Instability in a Sodium-Heated Steam Generator
I.A. Sadler, D.R. Atthey and B. Scruton

Bubble Interaction and the Transition to Plug Flow
C.W.M. van der Geld

Bubble Lateral Concentration Distribution in Downward Flow
I. Zun and S. Moze

Slug Flow in Near Horizontal Pipelines
N.E. Kaiser

Improved Italian Moisture Separators
G. Mauro, M. Sala and G. Hetsroni

Void Measurements with High Frequency Local Impedance Probes Using Directional Couplers for Signal Recording
H. Auracher and A. Marroquin

Determination of a Cross-Sectional Void Fraction in a Tube Bundle using a Single Beam Gamma Densitometer
J. Guichard, B. Mezoul, P. Peturaud and B. Thomas (Speaker: J-Y. Boivin)

A Tomographic/Correlative Mass Flow Measurement System Using Gamma Densitometry
R. Hummel, E. Ohlmer and I. Van Gerwen

Impact from Scattering on Void Fraction Measurements with Gamma Densitometers
H. Linga and P. Fuchs

Two-Phase Choked Flow of Saturated and Subcooled Water in Small Diameter and Intermediate Length Pipes
C. Bertani and G. Del Tin

Critical Flow of a Chemically Reacting Two-Phase Multicomponent Mixture
G. Friz, J.S. Duffield

Liquid Film Characteristics in Critical Dispersed-Annular Flow
C. Favreau, H. Lemonnier and S. Selmer-Olsen

Dynamic Loads on Piping and Tank Walls during Safety Relief Valve Actuations - ENEA Test Results and Experimental Activities
P. Incalcaterra and C. Kropp

The ERB3 CHF Correlation for PWR Rod Bundles (Influence of the Data Base on the Performance of a CHF Correlation)
K. Mistelberger, C. Vogel and G. Ulrych

Dryout Experiments in a Two Channel Test Section. Influence of Lateral Flow Communication
R. Eklund, M. Majed, B. Schölin and J. Tuunanen

Critical Heat Flux in Tight Rod Bundles
X. Cheng, F.J. Erbacher and U. Müller

Pseudo-Cubic Thin-Plate Type Spline Method for Analyzing Experimental Data: A CHF Example
F. De Crecy

Calculation of Free and Confined Gas-Multiple Size Particle Swirling Jets
J.L.T. Azevedo and J.C.F. Pereira

Analysis of the Local Structure of Co-current Two-Phase Flows
A. Linè, L. Masbernat and A. Soualmia

Thermal-Hydraulic Effects on Aerosol Retention in Water Scrubbing (Filtering) System
M. Furrer

Mixing in Gas-Liquid Slug Flow
J. Guedes de Carvalho, J.B.L.M. Campos, J.S. Teixeira and S. Cardoso

Measurements of Local Velocities in Thin Films in Horizontal Gas-Liquid Pipe Flow
S.V. Paras and A.J. Karabelas

Two-Phase and Multi-Phase Measurement Systems Developed at ENEA
M. Annunziato and G. Girardi

An Application of Advanced Optical Probe Instrumentation in the Local Tube Bundle Subchannel Analysis
J.F. Haquet, J.M. Gouirand, P. Maret and J.F. Ivars

The Wavelet Transform as a Diagnostic Tool in Two-Phase Flows
E. Hervieu

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