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30th ETPFGM 1992

Stockholm, 1 - 3 June 1992

Organiser: K.M. Becker

List of papers presented


Novel Impedance Measuring Technique for Determination of Flow Composition in Multiphase Flow
F. Klug and F. Mayinger

Radial Voidage Profiles in Vertical Bubbly Flow in a 150 mm Tube
J.H. Hills

Voidage in a Serpentine Tube for Steam/Water Flow at High Pressures
G.F. Dennett, C.R. Gane and B. Chojnowski

Friction Factor in Upflowing Two-Phase Mixtures According to Energy and Momentum Balance
C. Lombardi and A. Terlizzi

Forced Convection Critical Heat Flux and Transition Boiling of Mixtures Flowing Upward in a Vertical Tube
H. Auracher and A. Marroquin

Critical Heat Flux Tests in a 8 mm Tube Using HCFC-22
D. Blumenröhr, F.J. Erbacher, D.C. Groeneveld and W. Zeggel

Main Features of the Aphrodite Boiling Crisis Experimental Program and Analysis of CHF Tests Performed on a Vertical Tube Mock-Up
A. Souyri, S. Conan, A. Portesse and D. Tremblay

An Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Axial Heat Flux Distributions on Post Dryout Heat Transfer for Low of Water in Vertical Tubes
K.M. Becker, P. Askeljung, S. Hedberg, B. Soderquist and U. Kahlbom

CHF in Highly Subcooled Flow Boiling with and Without Turbulence Promoters
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo and A. Mariani

Subcooled Burnout in Uniformly and Non-Uniformly Heated Tubes
A. Achilli, G. Cattadori and G.P. Gaspari

Analysis of Round Tube CHF Tables
W. Zeggel, S. Bethke, D.C. Groeneveld and F.J. Erbacher

Assessments of Round Tube CHF Tables
K.M. Becker and B. Soderquist

CHF Tests and Evaluations on Hexagonal Rod-Bundles at Siemens AG
S. Bethke, G. Ulrych and W. Zeggel

CHF Tests for 6x6 Rod Bundle Geometry
B. Scholin, Z.E. Karoutas and R.C. Marshall

Deformation of a Drops in Liquid-Liquid Flow: An Experimental and Theoretical Analysis
E. Hervieu, N. Coutris, M. Tavares and K. Zagustin

Effect of the Cross-Sectional Droplet Distribution in Dispersed Flow Film Boiling at Low Mass Flux
M. Andreani and G. Yadigaroglu

Application of Stochastic Lagrangian Model to Dispersed Flows
J.L.T. Azevedo, X. Q. Chen and J.C.F. Pereira

Direct-Contact Condensation of Steam on Wave Falling Films
T.D. Karapantsios, M. Kostoglou and A.J. Karabelas

Gas Entrainment at the Rear of Taylor-Bubble
K. Riiser, J. Fabre and C. Suzanne

The Venting of Peroxe Solutions
J.S. Duffield, G. Friz and R. Nijsing

Use of Submerged Jets in Gas Desorption From Supersaturated Solutions
N. Fidi, S.A.K. Jeelani, K. May and S. Hartland

An Assessment of K-Epsilon Modelling of Turbulent Bubbly Flow
G. Golja, I. Zun and A.C.M. Sousa

Forced Convective Boiling in Binary Mixtures
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo and T. Setaro

An Empirical Correlation for the Transition from Stratified to Slug Flow
D. Malnes

A Hyperbolic Two-Fluid Model for Inhomogeneous Non-Equilibrium Two-Phase Flow
H. Stadtke and R. Holtbecker

Transients and Steady-State Two-Phase Flow Calculations with the FLICA 4 Computer Code
D. Caruge, P. Raymond and I. Toumi

Dynamics of Two-Phase Flow Slip Computed by PLIM
M. Rajarnaki and M Saarinen

A Semilagrangian Numerical Method for Drift-Flux Models of Two-Phase Flow
J.M. Izquierdo Rocha and J.C. Queral Salazar

The Simulation of Pressure Vessel Depressurisation and Downcomer Transient Two-Phase Flow
D. M. Lu, H.C. Simpson and A. Gilchrist

Local Thermal-Hydraulic Measurements Inside a Tube Bundle Subchannel in Cross-Flow Configuration
J. M. Gouirand, J. F. Haquet and J. F. Ivars

Two-Phase Flow Through Pipe Fittings
D.A. McNeil

The Split of Vertical Annular Flow at a Large Diameter T-Junction
B.J. Azzopardi

Experimental Studies of Two-Phase Flow
M. Geweke, H. Beckmann and D. Mewes

Analysis of UPTF Downcomer Refill Tests Using the CATHARE 2D Downcomer Model
I. Dor

A Comparative Study Between the Strathclyde 1/10 Scale Refill Experimental Data and the Full Scale UPTF Downcomer Experiments
W. Dempster

Best Estimate Analysis of SVEA Spray Cooling Test
H. Wijkstrom, N.O. Jansson and H. Zhao

Steam Injector Analysis and Testing
G. Cattadori, L. Galbiati, L. Mazzocchi and P. Vanini

Isolation Condenser Performance in Piper-One Apparatus
R. Bovalini, F. D'Auria, M. Mazzini and P. Vigni

Choked Flow Through Cracks
M. Giot, S. Granger, V. Feburie and J.M. Seynhaeve

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