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31st ETPFGM 1993

Hannover, 7 - 10 June 1993

Organiser: D. Mewes

List of papers presented


Heat Transfer Behaviour of a SACO with Gravity Feed
W. Kohler, O. Herbst and W. Kastner

International Standard Problems ISP-33 at PACTEL Facility for the Simulation of VVER-440 Type PWRs
J. Kouhia, J. Tuunanen and T. Kervinen

A Single Stage High Pressure Steam Injector for Next Generation Reactors: Test Results and Analysis
L. Galbiati, G. Cattadori, L. Mazzocchi and P. Vanini

UPTF Experiment: Flow Phenomena During Full-Scale Loop Seal Clearing of a PWR
J. Liebert, R. Emmerling and P. Weiss

UPTF Experiment: TRAM - Flow Patterns and Water Transport Mechanism in a PWR Hot Leg Under Two-Phase Natural Circulation Conditions
W. Junghans, R. Emmerling and P. Weiss

Pressure Drop and Liquid Content in a C02 Two-Phase Pipeline Network with Outlet Nozzles Under Critical Conditions. Calculation and Experimental Verification
P. Gebhard, G. Kiederle and F. Mayinger

Dropwise Condensation of Air-Steam Mixtures in a Compact Heat Exchanger
C.W.M. van der Geld and J. Bronwers

An Initial Investigation into Phase Maldistribution in Evaporators
D.A. McNeal

Two-Phase Pressure Drop Across Sudden Flow Cross-Section Contractions
J. Schmidt and L. Friedel

Droplet Size and Velocity at the Exit of a Nozzle With Two-Component Critical Flow
H. Lemonnier and E. Camelo

A Six Equation Model According to SFAV-Approach with Correct Propagating Velocities of Disturbances
M. Rajamaki and T. Narumo

Use of the CATHARE 1D Pump Model to Predict the Two-Phase Characteristic of a Pump for Petroleum Fluids
P. Coste and R. Vilagines

MONA, a 7-Equation Transient Two-Phase Flow Model for LWR Dynamics
J. Rasmussen and N. Hoyer

Simulation of the Behaviour of a Typical PWR Steam Generator by Means of the RELAP5/Mod 3 Nuclear Plant Analyzer
Y. Crommelynck, E.J Stubbe and L. Vanhoenacker

Critical Heat Flux Tests in Circular Tubes
U. Müller and F.J. Erbacher

Measurement of Local Thermal Hydraulic Parameters in R12 Simulating PWR Conditions From One Phase Flow Until Critical Heat Flux Conditions
J. Garnier

Analysis of in-R12 CHF Data: Influence of Hydraulic and Heating Diameters and Heating Length, Test of Theoretical Boiling Crisis Models
J.Y. Olive, A. Souyri, V. Czop, J. Garnier and Ch. Herer

Comparison of CHF Predictors Obtained by the Pseudo-Cubic Spline Method from FLICA-3M and EDF's THYC Computations
D. Banner and F. De Crecy

Predictions of CHF in Subcooled Flow Boiling at High Liquid Velocity and Subcooling
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo and A. Mariani

FC, the Framatome Correlation for Critical Heat Flux in Pressurized Water Reactor Rod Bundles
R. Aved and J.P. Bourteele

The Research Program on the Instability of Boiling Channels to be Carried Out by Piper-One Apparatus
W. Ambrosini, F. D'Auria, G. Galassi and M. Mazzini

Direct Contact Boiling of Immiscible Liquids
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo and F. D'Annibale

Liquid Layer and Wall Shear Stress Characteristics in Stratified/Atomization Flow
A.J. Karabelas, N Vlachos and S.V. Paras

Two-Phase Flow Patterns During Evaporation of the New Refrigerants in Tubes and Annuli
J R. Thome, N. Kattan and D. Favrat

Search for Correlations by Artificial Neural Network Approach: Two-Phase Thermohydraulic Study Case
C. Lombardi, E. Zio, M. Marseguerra and E. Ricotti

Aspects of Three-Phase Flows in Gas Condensate Pipelines
K. Lunde, S. Nuland and M. Lingelem

Multiphase Slug Flow in Horizontal Pipes
M. Nädler and D. Mewes

Horizontal Slug Flow: Development in Long Pipe
J. Fabre, E. Gadoin, Ph. Grenier and A. Line

Transient Simulation of Two-Phase Hydrocarbon Flows in Pipelines
A.R.W. Hall and G.R. Butcher

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