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32d ETPFGM 1994

Piacenza, 6 - 8 June 1994

Organiser: G.P. Gaspari

List of papers presented


CATHARE Detailed Modelling of a Steam Injector and Comparison with Experimental Data
P. Aujollet, B. Guigon, G. Cattadori, L. Galbiati. L. Mazzocchi and P. Vanini

Filmwise Condensation of Air-Steam-H2 (He) Mixtures in Vertical Plates Exchanger
G. Avakian and B. Pouzieux

Tests on Full Scale Prototypical Condensers for SBWR's Application
S. Botti, G. Cattadori, R. Silverii and P. Masoni

UPTF Experiment-Tram: Flow Patterns and Water Transport Mechanism in a PWR Hot Leg Under Two-Phase Natural Circulation Conditions
R. Emmerling, W. Junghans and P. Weiss

Natural Circulation Characteristics of Piper-One Apparatus in Comparison to Operating BWR's
M. Mazzini, W. Ambrosini, R Bovalini, F. D'Auria, P. Vigni and G. Moser

SPES-2, AP 600 Integral System Test. Inadvertent ADS Opening and Cold Leg Break Transients
M. Bacchiani, C. Medich, M. Rigamonti and L. Conway

Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Effect of Thermal Non-Equilibrium on Two-Phase Two-Component Critical Flow
E. Camelo, H. Lemonnier and J. Ochterbeck

A Model of Single and Two-Phase Flow (Critical or Not) Through Cracks
D. Pages, M. Giot, J.M. Seynhaeve and S. Granger

The Split of Horizontal Stratified Flow at a Large Diameter T-Junction
B.J. Azzopardi, P.A. Roberts and S. Hibberd

Two-Phase Pressure Change Across Sudden Expansion in Duct Areas
J. Schmidt and L. Friedel

Dynamic of Two-Phase Flow in Three Parallel Channels Flow
V. Jovin, L. Jovic and N.H. Afgan

Experimental Investigation of the Liquid Phase Distribution in the Upper Plenum of a PWR
M. Boddem and D. Mewes

Reproductive Accuracy of Some Void Fraction Correlations
L. Friedel and R. Diener

Investigation of Thermal Two-Phase Plumes
F. De Cachard and P. Coddinton

Particle Turbulence Interaction
G. Hetsroni

Local Void Fraction Measurements in Trickle-Bed Reactor
M. Perpar, I. Zun and B. Filipic

Operating Results and Aerosol Deposition in Venturi Scrubber in Self-Priming Operation
F. Mayinger and M. Lehner

Simulation and Analysis of Thermal-Hydraulic Phenomena in the Hot Leg During SBLOCA
M.J. Wang and F. Mayinger

An Eulerian 3-D Simulation of Convective Boiling. Comparison with Experimental Results in Tubes and Annuli
Ph. Freydier and E. Briere

Numerical Simulation of Multi-Dimensional Two-Phase Flow Based on Flux Vector Splitting
H. Stadtke and B. Worth

Analytical Test Cases of the Numerical Model for Marangoni Driven Convection
C.W.M. van der Geld, A.W.J.P. den Boer and W.F.F. Pijnappel

Applicability of CHF EPRI Correlation to PWR at Low Pressure Conditions
J. Robeyns

About Critical Heat Flux Correlations Using Inlet Conditions
F. de Crecy

Physical Significance of COBRA Subchannel Analysis Models
H. Grubel, R Zimmermann and W. Zeggel

A Mechanistic Model for the Prediction of Water Subcooled Flow Boiling CHF
G.P. Celata. M. Cumo, A. Mariani, M. Simoncini and G. Zummo

Euristic Approach for the Prediction of the CHF in Subcooled Water
C. Lombardi and R. Monzani

Pressure Wave Perturbations Effect in Subcooled Flow Boiling of Well-Wetting Fluids
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo and T. Setaro

Measurement of Heat Transfer and Phase Distribution in Forced Convection Tube Flow of a Non-Miscible Liquid-Liquid Mixture
P. Lang and H. Auracher

Small Scale Tests Concerning the Boil-Off Phenomena
C. Bertani, P. Carotta, G. Del Tin and M. De Salve

Modeling of Condensation Heat Transfer in the Presence of a Non-Condensable Gas
C. Leduc

Analysis of Two-Phase Flow Phenomena with Conductivity Probes in Integral Reactor Safety Experiments
P. Weber, S. Kusch and H.M. Prasser

Void Waves and Instabilities in Bubbly Flows
A. Biesheuvel and J.M. Burgers

Performance and Stability of Small Diameter Airlift Pumps: Experiments and Analysis
F. de Cachard

Flow-Reversal in Vertical, Two-Phase, Two-Component Flow in Parallel Channels
N. Reinecke and D. Mewes

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