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33rd ETPFGM 1995

Hertogenbosch, 30 May - 2 June 1995

Organiser: H. Nieuwenhuizen

List of papers presented


The Transition Region Between Intermittent, Stratified and Annular Two-Phase Flow in Upward Inclined Pipes
M. Creutz, Y. Taitel, D. Barnea, M. Müller and D. Mewes

Prominent Effects and Variables in Inverted-Annular Film Boiling
F. de Cachard

Air-Water Thermal Non-Equilibrium Annular Flow: Comparison of Experimental and Theoretical Results
C. Pisoni, M. Fossa and L. Tagliafico

Pool Boiling with an Imposed Electric Field: Part 1, Theoretical Aspects
P. Di Marco and W. Grassi

Pool boiling with an Imposed Electric Field: Part 2, Experimental Results
P. Di Marco and W. Grassi

Understanding and Modelling DNB in Forced Convective Boiling
P. Bricard and A. Souyri

Heat Transfer in Vertical Forced Convective Boiling of Binary Mixtures
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo and T. Setaro

Scoping Tests on Passive Injection Depressurisation System
G.P. Gaspari and G.P. Mansani

Hydrogen Migration for Catalytic Recombiner in KALI Facilities
G. Avakian, O. Braillard and F. Escourbiac

Investigation of the Flow of Liquid Phase in the Two-Phase Flow Inside the Upper Plenum of a PWR
M. Boddem and D. Mewes

Investigations on Sump Cooling After Core Melt Down
J.U. Knebel and U. Müller

Experimental Evaluation of the Onset of Subcooled Flow Boiling at High Liquid Velocity and Subcooling
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo and A. Mariani

Post-Test Analysis of the LOBI-MOD2 Steam Generator Tube Rupture Test with the RELAP5-MOD2 Code
J. Zhang and L. Vanhoenacker

Dispersion of Bubbles in Turbulent Flows
A. Biesheuvel, P.D.M. Spelt and I.A. Joia

Particles-Turbulence Interaction and its Effect on Heat Transfer
G. Hetsroni

Development of Turbulent Bubble Flow in a Tube
A.M. Kamp, C. Colin and J. Fabre

Bubble Migration and Transition to Plug Flow in Vertical Channels
B. Brand and C.W.M. van der Geld

Numerical Experiments on Dispersed Two-Phase Flows in a Vertical Tube
W. Uijttewaal

Experimental Investigation and Preliminary Numerical Simulations of Void Profile Development in a Vertical Cylindrical Pipe
C. Grossetete

Void Fraction Measurements in Transient Bubble Columns by Needle-Shaped Conductivity Probes
H.M. Prasser and C. Schlenkrich

A New Algorithm for Impedance Imaging of Two-Phase Flow
H. Lemonnier and J.F. Peytraud

A Transport Equation for the Interfacial Area Density Applied to an Impinging Jet Reactor
M. Millies, N. Reinecke and D. Mewes

The Analytic Solution for Laminar Stratified Flow in a Pipe and the Effective Diameter Concept
D. Biberg

Flashing, Void Fraction and Pressure Drop in Pipes during Rapid Depressurization
F. Mayinger, K. Tong and H. Wallner

Two-Phase Flow and Pressure-Relief: Some Unanswered Questions
A. Cannava

The Effect of Fittings on Drop Sizes in Two-Phase Flow
B.J. Azzopardi and C. Sudlow

Stability of Tube Vibration and Correlation-Length under Two-Phase Flow
G. Tenzler, W. Manu and F. Mayinger

Finned Tubes Heat Transfer in Gaseous Environments Filled with Steam and Non-Condensable Gases
P.A.G. Vacchiani

Solar Absorber Tube with Direct Steam Generation - Experimental Verification of the Injection Principle
W. Koehler, O. Herbst and W. Kastner

Influence of Mole Fraction, Heated Length, and Subcooling on the Critical Heat Flux of Binary Mixtures Flowing Upwards in a Vertical Tube
H. Auracher and A. Marroquin

Global Model of a Bubbly Flow through an Abrupt Expansion
A. Attou

A Model for Vapour Film around High Temperature Melt Jets: Implications for the Jet Stability
R. Meignen and G. Berthoud

Condensation of Fission Product Vapours and Aerosol Particles and Surfaces
E. Hontanon and I. Shepherd

Surface Boiling of Superheated Liquid
P. Reinke and Yadigaroglu

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