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34th ETPFGM 1996

Grenoble, 3 - 5 June 1996

Organiser: J.M. Delhaye

List of papers presented


Current Trends in Combustion Modeling
S. Candel

The Effect of Oxidation on the Minimum Film Boiling Temperature on a Heated Vertical Surface
H. Wennerstrom, W. Frid and J. Blomstrand

Critical Heat Flux in Uniformly Heated Circular Tubes of Different Diameters
X. Cheng, F.J. Erbacher, F.G. Pang and U. Müller

Geometrical Effects on the Subcooled Flow Boiling Critical Heat Flux
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo and A. Mariani

Two-Phase Flashing Flow
E. Elias and P.L. Chambre

Dynamics of Compressible Expansion Flows with Phase Transition
G.H. Schnerr and S. Adam

Finned Tube Heat Transfer with Mixtures of Steam and Non-Condensable Gases
L. Mazzocchi, P.A.G. Vacchiani and P. Vanini

Theoretical Modelling and Experimental Study of Three-Phase Dispersed Flows in a Venturi Tube
C. Boyer and H. Lemonnier

Development of a Conductance Probe for Measuring the Local Void Fraction
C. Pisoni and M. Fossa

Bubble Image Phase Discrimination Calibration
I. Zun, E. Bernk and E.G. Lierke

Turbulent Flow with Bubble Injection at the Wall
T. Tjiptahardja, C. Gabillet, C. Colin, I. Boree and J. Fabre

An Order of Magnitude Analysis of Two-Phase k-e Models
C. Morel

Modelling of Transport of Interfacial Area Concentration in Two-Phase Flow Systems
A. Blahak and H. Stadtke

Vorticity Generation at (Free) Surface
C.W.M. van der Geld, W.W.F. Pijnappel and H.J. van der Ploeg

The Effect of Inclination on Drop Sizes in Annular Gas-Liquid Flow
B.J. Azzopardi, Z.H. Zaidi and C.A. Sudlow

A New Method for Computing the Steady-State Size Distribution of Dispersions in Breakage Processes
S. Dovas, M. Kostoglou and A.J. Karabelas

An Experimental Investigation of Stratified Two-Phase Flow in Near Horizontal Pipes at Atmospheric Pressure
M. Espedal

Velocity Measurements of Large Bubbles Injected into Bubbly Pipe Flow
O.J. Nydal, K. Riiser and K. Lunde

Roll Waves in Inclined Cocurrent Separated Gas-Liquid Flow
R.M. Pols, R. Hibberd and B Azzopardi

The Split of Vertical Churn Flow at a T-Junction
B.J. Azzopardi, B.Nixon and S. Rea

Two-Phase Flow at T-Junctions
S. Rea and Azzopardi

Choked Flashing Flow at Multiple Simultaneous Locations
J.M. Seynhaeve and M. Giot

Impact of the Reproduction Accuracy of Fluid Properties on the Predictive Accuracy of Homogeneous Equilibrium Critical Mass Flow Rate Models
L. Friedel, N.J. Kranz, T. , Lenzing and F. Westphal

3-D Two-Phase Flow Calculations with the FLICA-4 Computer Code
D. Gallo, I. Toumi and D. Caruge

Modeling of Appearance, Movement and Disappearance of Water-Level Like Discontinuity in Channel Geometry
M. Rajamäki


Solar Absorber Tube with Direct Steam Generation - Experimental Verification of the Injection Principle and Development of a Designer Tool for Future Solar Fields
O. Herbst, W. Köhler and W. Kastner

Three-Phase Gas-Liquid-Solid Separation using Centrifugal Forces
M. Creutz and D. Mewes

A New High Pressure Passive Injection System for LWR Application
A. Achilli, G. Cattadori and R. Ferri

PANDA: Experimental Results from Transient Tests
C. Aubert, J. Dreier, Th. Bandurski, O. Fischer, J. Healzer, M. Huggenberger, S. Lomperski, H.J. Strassberger, G. Varadi and G. Yadigaroglu


Two-Phase Thermal-Hydraulics in Once-Through Evaporator Channel: ATLAS Program
M. Mutelle and M. Boccaccio

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