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35th ETPFGM 1997

Brussels, 6 - 7 June 1997

Organiser: M. Giot

List of papers presented


A High Frequency Impedance Probe for Wave Structure, Identification of Falling Films
S. Leuthner and H. Auracher

Comparative Measurements of Average Void Fraction within Horizontal Ducts with Sudden Area Contraction
S. Arosio, M. Fossa, G. Guglielmini and G. Sotgia

Level Swell Observations during Depressurisation of a Small Vessel
B.J. Azzopardi, A. Rosenberg and E. Iones

Flashing of Binary Mixtures during Rapid Depressurisation
F. Mayinger and J. Wallner


SIET - Conceived New passive Safety Systems for LWR Applications
A. Achilli, G. Cattadori and R. Ferri

Validation of Two-Phase Flow Code THYC on Vatican Experiment
F. Maurel, A. Portesse, P. Rimbert and B. Thomas

The Front Tracking Method for Interface Transport
A. Silveira-Neto and P. Emonot

Modelling of SULTAN Experiment about Reactor Cooling in Case of Corium Retention
I. Dor and G. Geffraye

Limits in Rollover Prediction and Pressure Relief Design in Cryogenic Storage
G.A. Papadakis and J.S. Duffield

Application of Experimental-Based Design Tool for Future Solar Fields and Design Aspects of a Recirculation Principle
H. Schmidt, O. Herbst, W. Kastner and W. Köhler

Experimental Tests on Multi-Droplet Boiling Systems
G. Lorenzini, M.R. Randi and P. Tartarini

Visual Investigation of High Heat Flux Burnout in Subcooled Flow Boiling of Water
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, A. Mariani, G. Zummo and D. Gallo

The Effect of Surfactants on the Leidenfrost Temperature
H. Wennerström, W. Frid and J. Blomstrand

Critical Heat Flux on a Wire in Pool Boiling in the Presence of an Electric Field: Comparison between Performance of R-113 and FC-72
P. Di Marco and W. Grassi

Two-Phase Flashing Flow across Singularities: Choking and Associated Phenomena
A. Attou

Experimental Study of Two-Phase Flow (Critical or Not) through Narrow Cracks and Channels with Inlet Subcooling
D. Pages and C. Clauvaud

Prediction of Safety Relief Valve Two-Phase Flow Capacity
T. Lenzing, L. Friedel and J. Schmidt

Assessment of the Maximum Liquid Superheat during Flashing Leak-Flow
S. Körner and L. Friedel

Dispersion of Gas Bubbles in Large-Scale Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence
P.D.M. Spelt and A. Biesheuvel

Three-Phase Exhaust Systems under Water
M. Creutz and D. Mewes

The Development of Flow Patterns in Vertical Gas-Liquid Flow in a 150 mm Tube
J.H. Hills, H. Cheng and B.J. Azzopardi

Transport Phenomena in Vertical Turbulent Air-Water Bubbly Flow
G. Janssens-Maenhout, J.U. Knebel and U. Müller

Self-Areation in Stratified Two-Phase Pipe Flow
K. Lunde

Preliminary Visualization Results of 3D Motion of Particles in a Helical Baffled Heat Exchanger
J.J. van der Voorde, C.W.M. van der Geld and R. van der Ploeg

Recent Advances in Bubble-Liquid Interaction Simulation
I. Zun, A. Tomiyama and E. Polutnik

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