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36th ETPFGM 1998 and 1st EJTPFGM 1998

Portoroz, 1 - 5 June 1998

Organiser: Iztok Zun and Goichi Matsui

List of papers presented


Non-parametric statistical modeling of chaotic phenomena
Igor Grabec

Heat transfer enhancement by air injection in upward heated mixed convection flow of water
G. P. Celata, A Chiaradia, M. Cumo and F. D'Annibale

Influence of flow structure on heat and mass transfer in falling films of binary mixtures
H. Auracher

Vibration characteristics of subcooled boiling flow instability
S. Toda and M. R. Nematollahi

Boiling induced mixed convection in cooling loops
G.Janssens-Maenhout, J.U Knebel and U. Muller

In search of parameters to scale critical heat flux with gravity acceleration
P. Di Marco and W. Grassi

Studies of channel flow stability in an operating boiling water reactor
J. Blomstrand

Pool boiling heat transfer outside inclined tubes
A. Naviglio

A photographic study of the subcooled flow boiling burnout at high heat flux and velocity
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, D. Gallo, A. Mariani and G. Zummo

Two phase flows: modeling and numerical analysis with a two fluid model
P. Rascle

Full lift safety valve single- and two-phase flow capacity prediction
T. Lenzing and L. Friedel

Determination of two-phase critical flow: implementation and assesment of a reference technique
C. Lemaire, H. Lemonnier and G. Dehais

Two-fluid simulation ofthe gas-liquid flow in cyclone
A. Alajbegovic, H. Grogger and I. Zun

Experimental and theoretical investigation on condensation inside and outside enhanced tubes
C. Cavallini, D. Del Col, L. Doretti, G. A. Longo and L. Rossetto

Numerical simulation of particle behavior in ER-fluid based on percolation theory
S. Hattori, A. Serizawa and I. Kataoka

Drop size distribution evolution after continuous on intermittent injection of butane or propane in a confined air flow
G. Knubben and C. van der Geld

The behavior of a deformed bubble in micro channel
S. Takagi, K. Sugiyama, O. Nakabeppu and Y. Matsumoto

PIV measurement of flow field around a bubble
G. Matsui, H. Monji, and T. Kurihara

Numerical simulation of CAES champagne effect based on a two-fluid model
T. Okawa, N. Tanaka, R. Yamamoto, G. Matsui and H. Monji

On turbulent mixing in a two-phase subchannel flow
Y. Sato, M. Sadatomi and A. Kawahara

Flow characteristics of air-water two-phase flow in a large vertical pipe
A. Ohnuki and H. Akimoto

Experimental investigation of the two-phase flow in the hot leg of a pressurized water reactor
G. Petritsch and D. Mewes

Experiments on heat removal in a gap between debris crust and PPV Wall
H. Schmidt, W. Kohler, O. Herbst and W. Kratzer

An innovative start-up device for the passive heat removal system of an integrated-layout PWR
A. Achilli, G. Cattadori, R. Ferri,A. Cammi, C. Lombardi and M. E. Ricotti

Modeling aspects in the coupling of thermal-hydraulics and neutronics
E. Royer

Development of advanced computer code CANAC3-3D for next generation PWR
K. Okabe, T. Ueno, K. Katsuragi, T. Suzuta and Y. Hirao

Validation of the cathare film condensation model on coturne experiment
T. Chataing, L. Pilon and G. Geoffraye

Ultrasonic doppler method for bubbly flow measurement
M. Aritomi, Y. Suzuki, Y. Takeda and M. Mori

Short-time-holography applied to the analysis of the three-dimensional two-phase flow in aerated, stirred vessels
O. Feldmann and F. Mayinger

Application of thermal and fast neutron radiography to visualization of 3-D void fraction distribution of gas-liquid two-phase flow
N. Takenaka, H. Asano, T. Fujii, K. Yoshii and M. Matsubayashi

Unintrusive measurement of phase density function and velocity
S. Hosokawa, A. Tomiyama, K. Takesaka and T. Sakaguchi

Experiment on liquid bridge in a horizontal narrow divergent channel
J. Ohta, F. Yamamoto and Y. Murai

Fast X-ray CT Measurement of Cell and Shroud Taylor Bubbles in Rod Bundles
A. J. van der Linden, M.Misawa, M. Akai, H. Monji and G. Matsui

Flashing oscillation phenomena caused by discharging of high-pressure saturated water into pool water
T. Takamasa, S. Tamura, M. Kurabayashi and I. Aya

Slug flow in the steady and transient states
G.F. Hewitt

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