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37th ETPFGM 1999

London, 26 - 28 September 1999

Organiser: G.F. Hewitt

List of papers presented


Critical heat flux prediction for saturated flow boiling of water in vertical tube
G.P. Celata, K. Mishima and G. Zummo

Loop studies simulating - in annular geometry - the influence of spacers on dryout in 8 x 8 BWR assemblies
D. Behamin, P. Persson, S. Hedberg and J. Blomstrand

Intube condensation of refrigerants
A. Cavallini, D. Del Col, L. Doretti, G.A. Longo and L. Rossetto

Boiling experiments under steady state and controlled transient conditions
R. Hohl, J. Blum, M. Buchholz, T. Luttich, H. Auracher and W. Marquardt

Boiling in an inclined gap with heating from the top experimental results with R134a and water
P. Horner, A. Zeisberger and F. Mayinger

The power industry view point of past, present and future two-phase flow testing
H. Schmidt, W. Kastner and W. Kohler

Forced convective subcooled boiling: comparisons between one-dimensional models and a new data bank for freon 12 boiling simulating PWR conditions

E. Manon, J. Garnier and J.M. Delhaye

Depressurization of a reservoir containing droplets in an atmosphere of steam
A. Guenther, J. Cosandey and Ph. Rudolf von Rohr

Flashing due to pipe break in a sealing note cooler
S. Masckik and D. Mewes

Coalescence of elongated bubbles in a vertical pipe
L. Shemer, C. Aladjem Talvy and D. Barnea

Mechanistic prediction of slug flow using the two-fluid model
R.I. Issa

Toward a slug flow model for multiphase flow with complex liquids
S. Nuland

Pressure drop. Liquid holdup and slug characteristics in air-oil-water slug flows
U.A. Odozi, M.A. Mendes-Tatsis and G..F. Hewitt

A stepwise approach for disperse two-phase flow in cooling loops
U. Muller and G. Janssens-Maenhout

Drop size evolution in venturi scrubbers
D. Fernandez Alonso, J.A.S. Goncalves, B.J. Azzopardi and J. Coury

Spatial evolution at bubble flow in a vertical pipe
I. Zun and E. Polutnik

The modelling of dispersed flows boundaries in two-phase pipe flow
N. Brauner

Direct numerical simulation of bubble growth and detachment
Z.L. Yang, T.N. Dinh, R.R. Nourgaliev and B.R. Sehgal

Steam bubble growth at multiple orifices: experimental characteristics
W.M. Dempster and B. Arebi

A theoretical study of interfacial waves in churn flow
J.R. Barbosa, Jr. and G.F. Hewitt

A detailed analysis of smooth stratified laminar flow in a pipe
T.S. Ng, C.J. Lawrence and G.F. Hewitt

Physical and numerical modelling of a gas-solid-liquid contact line
C. Duquennoy, O. Lebaign and J. Magnaudet

Similarity at supercritical condition
J.C. Signe and F. David

Effect of subcooled liquid coolant on particle size generated during fuel coolant interactions (2) Fragmentation of molten oxide jet in subcooled liquid coolant
H.O. Haraldsson and B.R. Sehgal

Effect of pipe material on liquid-liquid flows
P. Angeli

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