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38th ETPFGM 2000

Karlsruhe, 29 - 31 May 2000

Organiser: U. Müller and G. Janssens-Maenhout

List of papers presented


Steady state pool boiling experiments with water between nucleate and film boiling
M. Buchholz, T. Lüttich, H. Auracher, W. Marquardt

FC-72 pool boiling experiments from confined finned surfaces
M. Misale, G. Guglielmini, M. Frogheri

Loop studies simulating - in annular geometry - the influence of the axial power distribution and the number of spacers on dryout in 8x8 BWR assemblies
D. Behamin, J. Blomstrand, P. Persson, S. Hedberg

Dryout in oscillatory flow transients state of the art
M. Ozawa, K. Mishima

Thermal crisis mechanisms in subcooled boiling finite elements simulation
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, A. Mariani, G. Zummo

Water / air injection tests to investigate the RPV exterior two-phase flow behavior in the event of a core melt
H. Schmidt, W. Kastner, W. Köhler

Challenges in boiling research
G. Hewitt

Reentrainment from plastic heat exchangers experiments and theory on the tearing off of droplets
A.S. Lexmond, C.W.M. van der Geld, J. Negro

Condensation of pure and blended HFC refrigerants
A. Cavallini, G. Censi, D. Del Col, L. Doretti, G.A. Longo, L. Rossetto

Cold leg intermediate break experiment in SPES facility and post-test calculations with RELAP5 Mod 3.2 code
R. Ferri, G. Cattadori, F. D'Auria, G.M. Galassi, F. Bianchi, P. Meloni

Dynamic simulation of the pressure relief of chemical reactors
D. Schmitz, A. Brodhagen, D. Mewes

Computational fluid dynamics as a tool for the understanding and prediction of two-phase flows
E. Laurien, S. Heiken, J. Niemann, T. Giese

Analysis with CATHARE code of the stratified flow regime in the MYRHESA hot leg entrainment tests
G. Ratel, G. Geffraye

Annular flow experiments in rod bundles with spacers
G. Feldhaus, B.J. Azzopardy, W. Zeggel

Development and validation of a frictional critical flow model for the leak rate calculation in narrow cracks
J. Miettinen

Flow regime transition and carrying gas fraction distribution in trickle-bed reactor
M. Perpar, I. Zun

Liquid-liquid countercurrent flow in an inclined tube - application to phase transition extraction column
A. Ullmann, M. Zamir, Z. Ludmer, N. Brauner

On the statistical parameters of gas-liquid slug flow
R. van Hout, D. Barnea, L. Shemer

The split of slug flow at a horizontal 5mm T-junction
R. Jones, E. Wren, B.J. Azzopardi

Two-dimensional geysering
G. Janssens-Maenhout, H. Umekawa, M. Daubner, U. Müller, T. Schulenberg

Liquid-vapour bubbly flow under choking conditions
Z. Bilicki

Modelling and calculation of unsteady cavitating flows
J. Sauer, G.H. Schnerr

Experimental investigation and analysis of critical flow experiments in three-dimensional geometry for the validation of flow models through safety relief valves
C. Lemaire, H. Lemonnier

Modelling of annular flow through T-junctions
R.I. Issa, D. Adechy

Direct numerical simulations of Kelvin-Helmholtz instability with the level-set method
B.R. Sehgal, A.T. Dinh, H.Ó. Haraldsson, Z.L. Yang

Three-dimensional numerical simulation of bubble dynamics by a volume-of-fluid method
W. Sabisch, M. Wörner, G. Grötzbach, D.G. Cacuci

Bubble characteristics and phase distribution in two-phase slit flow
L. Friedel, S. Körner

Bubble size distributions measured by electrode mesh sensors
H.-M. Prasser

Radial gas profiles in vertical pipe flow in dependence on the bubble size distribution
D. Lucas, E. Krepper, H.-M. Prasser

Experimental investigation of bubble plume spreading in a large water pool
J. Kubasch, D. Suckow

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