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39th ETPFGM 2001

Aveiro, 17 - 20 June 2001

Organiser: A.C.M. Sousa and M.S.A. Oliveira

List of papers presented


Addressing the Complexities of Multiphase Flows
T. Theofanous

Two-Phase Flow in Micro-Channels
A. Serizawa

Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion (BLEVE): Two-Phase Aspects of Vessel Failure
J.E.S. Venart

On Freely-Falling Liquid Film Along a Vertical Flat Plate
C. Bertani, M. De Salve

Controlled Initiation of Condensation Implosion Events
K. Almenas, R. Pabarcius, M. Seporaitis

Intube Condensation of Halogenated Refrigerants: A New Predictive Model
A. Cavallini, G. Censi, D. Del Col, L. Doretti, G.A. Longo, L. Rossetto

Condensation Modelling of Steam Flow Through the Turbine Stages
A.C.M. Sousa, M.S.A. Oliveira, V.A.F. Costa

Melt Pool and Debris Coolability Experiments and Modelling
B.R. Sehgal, M. Konovalikhin, D. Paladino, A. Theerthan, Z. L. Yang

Controlled Cooling of a Hot Plate with a Water Jet
H. Robidou, H. Auracher, P. Gardin, M. Lebouché

Scaling Aspects of Tests to Prove the Functioning of the Exterior Cooling Concept of the Boiling Water Reactor SWR 1000
H. Schmidt, W. Brettschuh, E. Friesen, O. Herbst, W. Kastner, W. Köhler, J. Meseth, J. Miettinen

Convective Contributions to Pool Boiling Heat Transfer
D. Gorenflo, P, Hübner, P. Kaupmann, A. Luke

The effect of Side Arm Length on the Split of Two-Phase Flow at a Vertical T-Junction
A.H. Scott, P.K. Das, B.J. Azzopardi, E Wren

Churn Flow: Myth, Mystery and Magic
J.R. Barbosa Jr., S.M. Richardson, G.F. Hewitt

Experimental Investigations of the Local Behaviour of a Vertical Two-Phase Pipe Flow After Grid Generated Turbulences
H. Benk, R. Loth

Direct Steam Generation in Two Parallel Pipes
S. Natan, D. Barnea, Y. Taitel

Experimental Investigation of the Velocity Field Induced by a Taylor Bubble Rising in Stagnant Water
R. van Hout, A. Goulitsky, D. Barnea, L. Shemer

Movement of Single Gas Slugs Rinsing in Vertical Columns Filled with Water. Effect of High Density and Diameter in its Velocity
M.A.R. Talaia

Translational Velocities of Elongated Bubbles in Continuous Slug Flow
R.P. van Hout, D. Barnea, L. Shemer

Computer Simulation of Bubble to Slug Flow Transition in a Vertical Pipe
E. Polutnik, I. Zun

Vertical Velocities of Single Bubbles in Surface Tension Dominant Regime
A. Tomiyama, G.P. Celata, S. Hosokawa, S. Yoshida

Terminal Bubble Rising Velocity in One-Component Systems
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, F. D'Annibale, A. Tomiyama

Influence of Electric Field on Single Gas-Bubble Growth and Detachment in Microgravity
P. Di Marco

Capillary Effects in Micro Fluid Dynamics
T. Schulenberg, G. Janssens-Maenhout

Numerical Experiments on the Transitions Between Stratified and Slug Flow
O.J. Nydal, O. Paulsson, M. Audibert

Derivation of Two-Phase Volume Averaged Conservation Equations for Volume-of-Fluid Interface Tracking
M. Wörner, D. G. Cacuci, W. Sabisch, G. Grötzbach

Hot-Leg Injection: 3D Versus 1D Three Velocity Fields Modelling and Comparison with UPTF Experiment
N.I. Kolev, H. Seitz, I. Roloff-Bock

Gest-Sip1 Experimental Campaign and a Post-Test Calculation with RELAP5 Code
A. Achilli, G. Cattadori, R. Ferri, S. Gandolfi, F. Bianchi, P. Meloni

Multi-value Holdups in Statified Co-Current and CounterCurrent Inclined Two-Phase Flows
A. Ullmann, M. Zamir, S. Gat, N. Brauner

New Trends in Multiphase Computations for Nuclear Systems
G. Yadigaroglu

Numerical Calculation of the Direct Contact Condensation by Cold Leg Ecc-Injection
S. Maksic, D. Mewes

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