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40th ETPFGM 2002

Stockholm, 10 - 13 June 2002

Organiser: W. Frid

List of papers presented


Modeling of critical heat flux in subcooled flow boiling
G.P. Celata

Measurement and analysis of dryout in annular geometry with two sided and one sided heating with uniform and non-uniform axial power and the influence of spacers and spacer positions
P. Persson

Numerical study of the effect of the axial power distribution on dryout conditions in an Annulus.
H. Anglart, C. Adamsson

Extension of the compensated distortion method to the critical heat flux modelling in rectangular inclined channel
F. Francois, G. Berthoud

Heat removal through control rod guide tubes in BWR lower head during a severe accident
M. J. Konovalikhin, A. Jasiulevicius, B. R. Sehgal

Rewetting of hot surfaces by droplet impingement
G. P. Celata, M. Cumo, A. Mariani

The effect of surfactants on the dynamics of Leidenfrost drops
Kozachkov, W. Frid

Potential for porosity formation in a melt debris pool cooled by bottom injection
D. Paladino, B. R. Sehgal

Condensation of R-134a inside a horizontal microfin and smooth tube: experimental heat transfer and flow pattern visualisation
A. Cavallini, G. Censi, D. Del Col, L. Doretti, G.A. Longo, L. Rossetto, C. Zilio

Effect of condensation generated shear on the initiation of condensation implosion events
M. Seporaitis, K. Almenas, R. Pabarcius, S. Gasiunas

Scaling of the velocity field induced by a bubble rising rectilinearly through liquid under variation of the gas-liquid density ratio
M. Wörner

Modelling of gas entrainment from Taylor bubbles
N. Brauner and A. Ullman

Structure of the velocity field around an elongated bubble in a vertical pipe
L. Shemer, A. Goulitsky, D. Barnea

Experimental database for co-current air-water flow in a vertical pipe
D. Lucas, E. Krepper, H.-M. Prasser

Investigations on the three-layer pattern during liquid-liquid flows
P. Angeli, J. Lovick, J. Y.-L. Lum

What is entrainment in vertical two-phase churn flow
B. J. Azzopardi, E. Wren

Flow distribution of gas and liquid in four parallel pipes
L. Pustylnik, M. Tshuva, D. Barnea, Y. Taitel

Experiments on stratified-slug transition in two-phase flow at varying pressures
O. Kristiansen, O. J. Nydal

Incipient fluidization: The influence of the pressure on the minimum fluidizing velocity and voidage fraction
M.A.R. Talaia

Gas-oil-water pipe flow experiments at low liquid loading
G. Chupin

Development and validation of a X-ray tomograph for two-phase flows
E. Hervieu, E. Jouet, L. Desbat

Dynamic fragmentation of molten liquid droplet in liquid coolant
H. S. Park, R. C. Hansson, B. R. Sehgal

Void fraction measurement and analysis of horizontal intermittent flows
M. Fossa, G. Guglielmini, A. Marchitto

Predictive accuracy of safety valve sizing methods in case of single-phase highly viscous flow and two-phase steam-water flow
L. Friedel, M. Wieczorek, H. Derlien

Studies of void contents and pressure drop characteristics of air-water flows through mockups of BWR coolant channels
J. Blomstrand, H. Sadeghi, S. Hedberg, P. Fernando, G. Urrutia

PERSEO Project: Experimental facility set-up and RELAP5 code calculations
Achilli, G. Cattadori, R. Ferri, M. Rigamonti, F. Bianchi, P. Meloni

Modelling the process side of fired reboilers
L.Y. Chong, B.J. Azzopardi, D.J. Bate

On the Riemann problem for a hyperbolic two-phase flow mode
D. Zeidan, E. Toro, A. Slaouti

Significance of the balance equation for the interfacial area concentration and presentaion of a new method to determine it
Janqua, Ch. Morel

Use of extended irreversible thermodynamics to determine transient dissipative effects with the HEM and HRM models
B. Kucienska, J. M Seynhaeve, M. Giot

Numerical simulation of phase distribution in a gravity-driven adiabatic pipe flow
E. Laurien and T. Giese

A computational model for three-phase slug flow
R.I. Issa, M. Bonizzi

Characteristic analysis of two-phase flow through convergent-divergent nozzles
H. Staedtke

Object oriented simulation of multiphase flow :Pigging operation
O. J. Nydal, P. Klebert, S. Moncla

Multiphase flow with non-Newtonian liquids ­ using hydrate slurry as an example
S. Nuland

IVA-5M numerical method for analysis of three-fluid multi-component flows in boundary-fitted multi-blocks
N. I. Kolev

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