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41st ETPFGM 2003

Tromso-Trondheim, 12 - 13 May 2003

Organiser: O.J. Nydal

List of papers presented


Closure relations for the shear stresses in two-fluid models for stratified flow
N. Brauner, A. Ullmann, A. Goldstein, M. Zamir

Theoretical and experimental investigation of flow reversal in horizontal channels under countercurrent flow conditions
M. Gargallo, T. Schulenberg, L. Meyer, E. Laurien

Annular dispersed flow calculations with a two phase three field model
M. Valette

Droplet size during dual continuous oil-water flows
J. Lovick, P. Angeli

The approach to stratifications of a dispersed liquid-liquid flow at a sudden expansion
L. Yang, B.J. Azzopardi, G. Baker, A. Belghazi, D. Giddings

Design and Optimisation of Impedance Probes for Void Fraction Measurements
F. Devia, M. Fossa, G. Guglielmini

Development of a X-ray tomograph for two phase flows void fraction measurement
P. Mathieu

On the development of multiphase oil-gas pipeline simulators
P.I. Hedne

CMFD for nuclear applications
G. Yadigaroglu

Analysis of the premix 17 and 18 experiments with IVA_5M computer code
N.I. Kolev

Assessment of the CATHARE 3D module with UPTF downcomer refill tests
J. Dufreche, I. Dor

Direct steam generation in parallel pipes solar collectors
Y. Taitel, D. Barnea

Rewetting of Hot Surfaces by Droplet Impingement: Effect of Spray Impact Point
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, A. Mariani, L. Saraceno

Controlling the moisture content in the steam by using nozzles in BWRs
N.I. Kolev

Multiphase R&D at Norsk Hydro
T. Solbakken

Bubble formation and bubble cloud dispersion at flashing
I. Zun

A two-component two-phase bubbly flow model Simulations of choked flows and water hammer
A. Bogoi, J-M. Seynhaeve, M. Giot

Dynamic contact line model applied to single bubble growth
B. Mathieu, L. Tadrist, O. Lebaigue

Multiphase R&D at IFE
D. Biberg

First experimental results of measurements on air/water flow in a vertical pipe with an inner diameter of 194 mm
D. Lucas, H.M. Prasser

Void Fraction Measurement and Analysis Aimed at Intermittent Flow Parameter Evaluation
M. Fossa, G. Guglielmini, A. Marchitto

Water Two-Phase Flow Through pressure safety valve with Variable Backpressure: Check of Calculation Methods to Estimate Mass Flow-rate and Critical Flow conditions
G. Boccardi, R. Bubbico, G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, F. Di Tosto

Verifications and improvements of 1D multiphase flow modeling for the oil/gas industry
M. Nordsveen

The WAHALoads project: data, models and code for fast transient two-phase flows
M. Giot, J-M. Seynhaeve

Unit cell slug flow in transient two fluid model
T. Wangensten, O.J. Nydal

Stratified-slug transition
O. Kristiansen, O.J. Nydal

A first approach of multidimensional condensation modelling for ECC injection
P. Coste

Micro-interactions observed during Explosive Boiling in Liquid-Vapor-Liquid System H.
H.S. Park, R.C. Hansson, B.R. Sehgal

Analysis of Bubble Dynamics and its Stability during Explosive Boiling in Liquid-Vapor-Liquid System
A. Giri, H.S. Park, B.R. Sehgal

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