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42d ETPFGM 2004

Genova, 23 - 25 June 2004

Organiser: G. Guglielmini

List of papers presented


Pseudo laminar characteristic of bubbly flow with micro bubbles and practical applications of micro bubbles
A. Serizawa

Bubble rising velocity in one and two-component systems
G.P. Celata, F. D'Annibale, P. Di Marco, W. Grassi, G. Memoli, A. Tomiyama

Effect of gas injection mode and purity of liquid on bubble rising in two-component systems
G. P. Celata, M. Cumo, F. D’Annibale, P. Di Marco, A. Tomiyama, C. Zovini

The wake effect on the rising velocity of small bubbles
G. P. Celata, M. Cumo, F. D’Annibale, A. Tomiyama

Two-phase flow in parallel pipes with common inlet manifold
Y. Taitel, D. Barnea

Features of two-phase gas/liquid flow at a combining t junction – hold up profiles around the junction and upstream travelling waves
B.J.Azzopardi, A. Belghazi, M. Fossa, P. Guglielmini

Experimental and numerical analysis of flow pattern transitions and interface forces in oil-water mixtures
B. Pulvirenti, G. Sotgia, P. Tartarini

Velocity field in the taylor bubble wake: measurements in pipes of various diameters
L. Shemer, A. Gulitski, D. Barnea

Interfacial shape and interfacial shear stress in downward stratified turbulent gas-liquid pipe flow
E. Trostinetsky, L. Shemer D. Barnea

Void fraction structure close to orifice contractions during horizontal intermittent flows
M. Fossa, G. Guglielmini, A. Marchitto

Local, area-averaged and section-averaged analysis of two-phase flows in horizontal ducts with sudden section expansions
S. Arosio, M. Guilizzoni

Bubbles, drops and waves - differences or underlying commonality
B.J. Azzopardi

Closure relations for two-fluid models for two-phase stratified smooth and stratfied wavy flows
N. Brauner, A. Ullmann

Disappearing wakes in complex flows and inviscid concepts for multiphase  flows
I. Eames, V. Roig, J.C.R. Hunt, S.E. Belcher

Validation of models for bubble forces
D. Lucas, M. Prasser

Prediction of slug flow characteristics using computational fluid dynamics
P.M. Ujang, P.D. Manfield, U.A. Udozi, L. Pan, C.J. Lawrence, G.F. Hewitt

Trapping of heavy particles by 3-D line vortices
J. Dávila, U. Sánchez

Transient experiments and simulations in pipelines
P. Klebert, O. Nydal

Hydrodynamic characteristics of a bubble boiling regime with artificially produced nucleation sites
B. Sanib

Experimental investigation of post-dryout heat transfer in an annulus with spacers
P. Persson, S. Hedberg, H. Anglart

The problem of the contact temperature in droplet-solid heat transfer: experimental analysis
A. Muscio, G. Tambascia, P. Tartarini

CFD modeling of a direct-contact condensation in presence of non–condensable gases on a liquid film surface
K. Karkoszka, H. Anglart

Condensation inside a multi-port minichannel: experimental heat transfer coefficients
A. Cavallini, G. Censi, D. Del Col, L. Doretti, M. Matkovic, L. Rossetto, C. Zilio

Heat transfer coefficient evaluation of condensing steam-air mixtures in tubes
G. Caruso, A. Naviglio, P. Spalvieri

Heat transfer and pressure drop during condensation of R134a inside two micro-fin tubes of new design
L. Colombo, A. Muzzio, A. Niro

Quenching behaviour of a volumetrically heated particulate bed with non-condensable gas addition from bottom
A.K. Nayak, A. Stepanyan, B.R. Sehgal

Micro-scale heat transfer validation by means of high resolution temperature measurement with thermochromic liquid crystals
P. Stephan

Visualization of concentration field by tomographic two-wavelenghts photometry
D. Mewes, L. Volpe

Surface tension of nitric acid solutions by means of contact angle measurements
E. Macerata, G. Janssens-Maenhout

Predictive exactness of safety valve two-phase mass flow capacity in casa of two-component air/water, resp., viscous liquid flow duty
D. Moncalvo, L. Friedel

Accuracy of safety valve two-phase mass flow capacity sizing in case of single-component steam/water, resp. Refrigerant R134a flow duty
H. Derlien, L. Friedel

Two-phase flow problems of supercritical water cooled reactor systems
E. Laurien, T. Schulenberg

Tests to prove the functioning of the SWR 1000 exterior cooling concept
O. Herbst, H. Schmidt, W. Brettschuh, E. Bielor

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