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44th ETPFGM 2006

Lausanne, 7 - 9 June 2006

Organiser: John R. Thome

List of papers presented
Special topic: Microchannels


Thermal-Hydraulic Phenomena in Microchannel Heat Exchangers with Evaporation
A.E. Bergles

Condensation in Microchannels
J. Rose

Liquid Spreading and Incipient Motion on Microstructured, Metallic Surfaces
A. Jacobi

Multiscale Characteristics of Microfluidic Systems: Knots and Loose Ends
I. Zun

Boiling Instabilities in Small Channel
L. Tadrist

Boiling in Microchannels
J.R. Thome

Capillary Pumping in Polygonal Cross Section Microchannels: Experiments and Modeling
V. Serin, B. Médéric, P. Lavieille and M. Miscevic

Modeling of Two-Phase Flow in Structured Packings on a Macroscopic Scale
B. Mahr and D. Mewes

Boiling Heat Transfer in Small Diameter Tubes: Experimental Results and Comparison with Models
D. Shiferaw, D. B. R. Kenning and T. G. Karayiannis

Investigation of Vapor Slug Velocities Distribution in Microchannels
B. Agostini, R. Revellin and J.R. Thome

Boiling in Mini or Microchannels: The Case of Natural Convective Boiling
B. Stutz, J. Bonjour and M. Lallemand

Initiation of Confined Growth of Vapour Bubbles in Microchannels
D.S. Wen, K.S. Das, S.K. Wilson and D.B.R. Kenning

The Prediction of Flow Pattern Maps in Minichannels
U. Amos and N. Brauner

Boiling in Microchannels: A New Diabatic Flow Pattern Map
R. Revellin and J.R. Thome

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Condensation Flow with High Capillary Effect
U. Soupremanien, B. Médéric, P. Lavieille, M. Miscevic and L.Tadrist

Steam Bubble Condensation in Subcooled Vertical Pipe Flow
D. Lucas

Local Heat Transfer Coefficients During Condensation Inside a Round Microchannel
A. Cavallini, D. Del Col, M. Matkovic and L. Rossetto

Quenching Experiments of Hot Tubes at Microgravity and Normal Gravity Conditions
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, M. Gervasi and G. Zummo

Flow Pattern Analysis of Flow Boiling in Microgravity
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, M. Gervasi and G. Zummo

The Effect of Gravity on the Dynamics of Two-Phase Bubbly Pipe Flows
C. Colin

Effects of Inlet Bubble Size on Poly-Dispersed Bubbly Flow in a Bubble Column
A. Tomiyama
Atomization of Suspensions: Velocity and Drop-Size Measurements
F. Schmidt, M. Lürcher and D. Mewes

Steady States and Stability of Nonlinear Pool-Boiling Systems
M. Speetjens

Elimination of  Mal Flow-Rate Distribution in Evaporating Flow in Parallel Pipes
Y. Taitel, U. Minzer and D. Barnea

Stability of Thin Liquid Film in Vertical Annular Two-Phase Flow with Application to Boiling Water Reactor Fuel Assembly
W. Frid

Gas-Liquid Flow in Microreaction Systems
P.R. von Rohr

The Split of Gas/Liquid Flows at Small Diameter T-Junctions
B.J Azzopardi, J. Seed, C. Jackson and M. Haw

Microbubble Dispersion in Two-Way Coupled Direct Numerical Simulation of Upward/Downward Turbulent Channel Flow
C. Marchioli, A. Giusti and A. Soldati

Liquid Film Flow in Small Two-Phase Separator Channels
G. Willems

Modelling of Electric Force Acting on a Detaching Gas Bubble
P. Di Marco and W. Grassi

Safety Relief Valve Sizing for Two-Phase Frozen Flow: Quantitative and Qualitative Comparison Between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Models and Reference Geometries
D. Moncalvo and L.Friedel

Heat Transfer in Small Diameter Channels
L. Consolini and J.R. Thome


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