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46th ETPFGM 2008

Pisa, 28 - 30 May 2008

Organiser: Paolo Di Marco

List of papers presented
Special topic: Microgravity


Quenching experiments in microgravity
G.P. Celata, M. Cumo, L. Saraceno, G. Zummo

Experimental study of bubble behavior and local heat flux in pool boiling under variable gravitational conditions
N. Schweizer, P. Stephan

PANEL DISCUSSION: How experimentation in microgravity can assist research in multiphase flow and heat transfer
W. Grassi (chairman), C. Colin, L. Tadrist, G.P. Celata

Flow patterns and heat transfer during liquid-liquid phase separation in small diameter tubes
A. Ullmann, S. Gat, N. Brauner

Liquid-liquid core annular flow in horizontal and slightly inclined pipes
D. Strazza, B. Grassi, P. Poesio

Enhanced heat transport during phase separation of liquid binary mixtures
D. Molin, R. Mauri

A transient multi-fluid model of gas-liquid pipe flow
M. Bonizzi, P. Andreussi, S. Banerjee

Agglomeration of inertial particles in a random symmetric straining flow field
Y. Ammar, M.W. Reeks

Segregation of inertial particles in turbulence
R.H.A. IJzermans, M.W. Reeks

Heat transfer modulation by microparticles in turbulent channel flow
A. Soldati, F. Zonta and C. Marchioli

Experimental analysis of turbulence modulation in a gas-particle flow
V. Roig, L. Vignal, J. Boree, L. Ben

Motion of inertial particles in a simple random turbulent flow
E. Meneguz, R.H. IJzermans, M.W. Reeks

Influence of surface characteristics on wettability in water surfactant systems
A. Luke

The influence of the thermophysical properties on the heat transfer in boiling
H. Feldmann, A. Luke

A mechanistic model for pool nucleate boiling: preliminary results and comparison with experiments
A. Sanna, D.B.R. Kenning, T.G. Karayiannis, C. Hutter, K. Sefiane, I. Golobič, R.A. Nelson

Examination of the thickness and velocity of the water film on heated surfaces in the two phase system air/water
T. Buchner, I. Ganzmann, O. Herbst, H. Schmidt, G. Schulze

Experimental investigation of stratification phenomena in horizontal two-phase flows for CFD validation
M. Marchand, M. Bottin, J.-P. Berlandis, E. Hervieu

Implementation of a coupled level set volume of fluid method in FLUENT
B.A. Nichita, I. Zun, J.R. Thome

Flow regimes, pressure drop and heat transfer during condensation in microchannels
S. Garimella

Condensation and vaporization inside a single circular minichannel
D. Del Col, A. Cavallini

Experimental investigation and modeling of vapour condensation in the presence of noncondensable gases in a square section channel
W. Ambrosini, N. Forgione, F. Oriolo

Multidimensional effects in condensation of water vapour in binary and ternary mixtures
H. Anglart, K. Karkoszka

Bubble growing and detaching at the wall in a shear flow
C. Colin, D. Legendre, M. Montout, H. Yoshikawa

Experimental analysis of bubble dynamics: without and with the application of an electric field
S. Siedel, S. Cioulachtjian, J. Bonjour

Convective boiling between 2D plates : sheat flow influence on 2D bubbles growth, detachment and evolution
D. Serret, D. Brutin, O. Rahli, C. Le Niliot, L. Tadrist

Bubble wake disturbance of a stratified liquid temperature layer
M. Perpar, I. Žun, J. Gregorc, A. Tomiyama

Two-phase flow investigations by using nuclear magnetic resonance
H. Lemonnier

A new database on upwards air-water flow in a large vertical pipe
D. Lucas

On the motion of a Taylor bubble rising at counter-current flow in a vertical channel
B. Figueroa, J. Fabre, H. Ha Ngoc, D. Larrey

Air assisted atomisation: interfacial instabilities and drop formation mechanisms
A. Cartellier

Experimental and theoretical analysis on the influence of physical properties of aqueous solutions on two-phase void fraction in safety valves
D. Moncalvo

Effect of splitting characteristics at the manifold junctions on the distribution of gas/liquid adiabatic flow in parallel inclined pipes
Y. Taitel, D. Barnea


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