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49th ETPFGM 2011

Tel Aviv, 29 May - 2 June 2011

Organiser: Yehuda Taitel

List of papers presented


Practices and challenges of multiphase flow engineering in production of oil and gas fields
M. Golan

Interface tracking simulation of dissolving bubbles and of contaminated bubbles and drops
A. Tomiyama, K. Hayashi

Thermocapillary dynamics of drops
A. Nir

Breakup and dispersion of fuel droplets treated with dispersants in turbulent flows
J. Katz

Ordered models for disordered matter
Y. Shokef

Experiments and modeling of dynamic two phase flows. Examples from the NTNU laboratory. Unified flow pattern
O.J. Nydal

Bubble dynamics in single component fluid
N.I. Kolev

Analysis of boiling
N.I. Kolev

Experimental investigation of explosive vaporization of C6F14
C. Desnous, A. Cartellier, N. Meyers

Flow boiling instabilities at the micro scale - problem statement and means for mitigation
Y. Peles

The dynamics of gas-liquid interface flow structures in a mini manifold system
J. Gregorc and I. Zun

Two-phase flow pattern maps for microchannels: roadmap to smart maps
J.R. Thome, A. Bar-Cohen, R. Revellin, E. Rahim

3D moving mesh technique for microscale two-phase flows
G. Rabello dos Anjos, N. Borhani, J.R. Thome

Adiabatic vertical downward two-phase co-flow: Flow pattern diagram, spatio-temporal flow development, and hysteresis effects
M. Milan, N. Borhani, J.R. Thome

Single camera 3D particle tracking velocimetry with real-time image processing
M. Kreizer, A. Liberzon

Development of a digital holography system for the investigation of particle dispersal in a turbulent flow
R. van Hout, J. Arca

Some new insights into gas-liquid upward pipe flows by ultra fast X-ray CT
D. Lucas, D. Hoppe, M. Banowski, U. Hampel, F. Barthel, U. Sprewitz, M. Beyer

Effect of rain scavenging on altitudinal distribution of soluble gaseous pollutants in the atmosphere
T. Elperin, A. Fominykh, B. Krasovitov

Experimental study of the onset of dryout and post dryout heat transfer in a bilaterally heated annulus with flow obstacles
I.G. Anghel, H. Anglart

Threshold velocities in horizontal particle-fluid flows
E. Rabinovich, H. Kalman

Two-phase flow patterns, visualization and pressure drop in return bends: experimental results for R-134a, R-410a and HFO-1234yf
R. Revellin, M. Padilla, J. Bonjour

Effect of drag reducing polymers on two-phase stratified flow in horizontal and slightly inclined pipes
N. Kampouras, M. Vlachogiannis, N. Andritsos

Wall shear stress and heat transfer in downward liquid flow with a stationary Taylor bubble
O. Kashinsky, A. Kurdyumov, P. Lobanov

Influence of high sorption potential on two-phase gap flows in twin-screw multiphase pumps
F. Hatesuer, C. Tomforde, M. Reichwage, D. Mewes, A. Luke

Dynamics of bubbles and particles under the action of acoustic forces in fluids
L.A. Ostrovsky

Implementation of combined Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) and Discrete Element Method (DEM) for simulating multiphase flows
T. Brosh, A. Levy

Effect of surface tension, gravity and shear stress in minichannel condensation: simulations vs. experiments
D. Del Col. E. Da Riva, S. Bortolin

Flow rate distribution in an evaporating multiple pipe system - Theory and experiments
M. Baikin, Y. Taitel, D. Barnea

Severe slugging simplified one-dimensional transient model for viscous flow
A. Shmueli, M. Stanko, O. Aguillùn, A. Vidal, J. De Andrade, M. Asuaje

3-D wavy patterns of liquid film flows with complicated conditions
S.V. Alekseenko, A.V. Bbobylev, A.V. Cherdantsev, V.V. Guzanov, S.M. Kharlamov, D.M. Markovich

Heat conduction to a vapor bubble in a liquid layer on a thin solid heated from below: The contact line, the conjugate problem. Continuum and molecular dynamics results
J.Y. Bao, L. Huang, Z. Dagan, J. Koplik, D. Rumschitzki

The influence of the microstructure on pool boiling, A state-of-the-art review
B.C.F. Müller, A. Luke

Trapped water displacement by flowing oil from the lowest section of hilly pipelines
G. Xu, A. Ullmann, N. Brauner

Experimental invastigation of the local heat transfer in a vertical gasliquid slug unit
V. Babin, L. Shemer, D. Barnea

General relationship for bubble growth during decompression of supersaturated liquids
W. Frid

Simulation of three-phase flow and spreading of dispersed particles in a deep pool of water heated by core debris bed
S. Yakush, P. Kudinov, W. Frid


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