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4th EJTPFGM 2006

Kyoto, 24 - 28 September 2006

Organiser: Kaichiro Mishima

List of papers presented

Monday 25
Welcome address

Session 1: Tomography
Chairperson: Prof. B. Azzopardi

Gamma and X-ray tomography studies of liquid-liquid and gas-liquid-liquid flows
C. P. Hale, Bin Hu, Wai-Lid Wong, S. M. Richardson and G. F. Hewitt*

Application of neutron radiography to visualization of two-phase flow phenomena in machines
N. Takenaka* and H. Asano

Cross sectional instantaneous phase distribution in gas-liquid pipe flow: wire-mesh sensor vs. borescope measurements
E. Roitberg*, L. Shemer and D. Barnea

Session 2: Drops
Chairperson: Dr. M. Ruzicka

A three-dimensional PIV using intensity gradients of two laser beams
S. Hosokawa* and A. Tomiyama

Hydrodynamic behavior of large droplet levitated by ultrasonic wave
Y. Abe*, K. Aoki, D. Hyuga, S. Awazu, T. Watanabe, S. Matsumoto and K. Nishinari

On the deposition rate of droplets in annular flow around a flow obstacle
T. Okawa*, T. Fujita, J. Minamitani and I. Kataoka

Session 3: Micro and Mini Channels
Chairperson: Prof. T. Takamasa

Keynote: Two-phase flow and heat transfer in micro-channels
A. Serizawa*, J.L.Xu and Z.P. Feng

Two-phase flows in micro channels
R. Revellin and J. Thome*

Modeling flow pattern transitions in mini channels
N. Brauner* and A. Ullmann

Session 4: Horizontal and Liquid-Liquid Flows
Chairperson: Prof. Y. Abe

Studies of the slug-annular regime transition in two-phase flow in horizontal pipes
S. Jamari, C. P. Hale, S. M. Richardson and G. F. Hewitt*

A model for the prediction of dispersion and stratification in liquid/liquid flows in pipes
R. I. Issa* and A. Tomasello 

Entrainment in dual continuous oil-water flows
T. Al-Wahaibi and P. Angeli*

Direct numerical simulation on turbulent heat transfer in water flow with immiscible droplets
Y. Hagiwara*, T. Kawai and M. Tanaka

Tuesday 26

Session 5: Microbubbles
Chairperson: Prof. M. Reeks

An advanced micro-bubble generator and its application to a newly developed bubble-jet-type air-lift-pump
M. Sadatomi, A. Kawahara*, F. Matsuyama and T. Kimura

Enhancement of natural convection heat transfer along a vertical plate by micro-bubbles
K. Kosuge*, K. Uchida, A. Kitagawa and Y. Hagiwara

Nonuniform dispersion of microbubbles in two-way coupled upward/downward turbulent channel flow
C. Marchioli, A. Giusti and A. Soldati*

Session 6: Particles
Chairperson: Prof. Y. Hagiwara

Particle segregation, singularities and random uncorrelated motion in a simple random flow field
M. Reeks*, L. Fabbro and A. Soldati

Particle size determination and cluster formation of ferromagnetic nano-particles in magnetic fluid
H. Kikura* and M. Aritomi

Continuous separation technique of suspended particles by utilizing acoustic radiation and electrostatic force
K. Hishida*, H. Ishida and Y. Sato


Wednesday 27

Session 7: Contaminated Bubbles
Chairperson: Prof. I. Zun

Effect of surfactants on the motion of a single ascending bubble and its surrounding liquid motion
T. Saito*, Y. Miyamoto and K. Tsuchiya

Surfactant effect on multiscale structure of bubbly flow
S. Takagi*, T. Ogasawara, M. Fukuta and Y. Matsumoto

Dual Effect of surfactant active agent on stability of uniform flow regime in bubble column
M. C. Ruzicka*, M. M. Vecer, S. Orvalho and J. Drahos

Session 8: Subchannels
Chairperson: Prof. R. Issa

Interface tracking simulation of bubbles and drops in complex geometries
K. Hayashi* and A. Tomiyama 

Gas-liquid con-current and counter-current diversion cross-flows between subchannels in a vertical 2×1 rod channel
H. Shirai* A. Kawahara and M. Sadatomi

Study on visualization of dryout phenomena and measurement of liquid film behavior using a single subchannel of tight lattice bundle
M. Akiba*, S. Morooka, J. Mimatsu, S. Sakai and A. Inoue

Session 9: Heat Transfer
Chairperson: Dr. G. P. Celata

Keynote: Pool boiling in microgravity: recent results
P. Di Marco*

Jet impingement boiling in hot surfaces well above the limiting temperature for solid-liquid contact
M. A. Islam*, M. Monde, P. L. Woodfield, Y. Mitsutake and A. K. Mozumder

Thermo-hydraulic incidents caused by radiation induced surface activation
T. Takamasa*, T. Hazuku and K. Mishima

Session 10: Flow Boiling
Chairperson: Prof. J. Thome

Flow pattern analysis in microgravity flow boiling
G.P. Celata*, M. Cumo, M. Gervasi and G. Zummo

Two-phase pressure drop and void fraction during flow boiling of a hydrocarbon fluid
V.V. Wadekar* K. M. Miller and M. E. D Urso

Heat transfer and liquid motion of forced convective flow in a mini-tube for aqueous solutions with nonlinear surface energy
N. Ono*, T. Yoshida, M. Shoji, F. Takemura and T.-H. Yen

Thursday 28

Session 11: Bubbles
Chairperson: Prof. K. Hishida

Bubble rise velocity--its diversity of roles in modeling gas-dispersed flow systems
K. Tsuchiya*

Movement of two consecutive Taylor bubbles in vertical pipes
L. Shemer*, A. Gulitski and D. Barnea

The Role of Buffer Layer in Bubbly Flow
I. Zun* and E. Polutnik

Session 12: Simulation
Chairperson: Prof. S. Takagi

Recent advances in VOF simulations of two phase flow
S. Zaleski & R. Scardovelli 

Pattern dynamics simulation of void wave propagation
M. Ozawa*, T. Ami, H. Umekawa and M. Shoji

Three-dimensional complex two-phase flow analysis by using extended two-fluid model
K. Katono*, A. Minato, T. Nagayoshi and N. Ishida

Session 13: Flow patterns
Chairperson: Prof. N. Brauner

Keynote: Objective identification of global and local interfacial structure and flow regimes
M. Ishii*

Gas/liquid flow in vertical large diameter pipes
N.K. Omebere-Iyari and B. J. Azzopardi*

Different flow patterns in vertical channels under countercurrent gas-liquid flow and U-tubes under reflux condensation
M. Murase* and T. Nagae

Closing ceremony

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