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50th ETPFGM 2012

Udine, 16-18 May 2012

Organiser: Alfredo Soldati

List of papers presented


Comparison of different methodologies for the simulation of coalescence, breakup  and mass transfer in gas-liquid stirred tanks and bubble columns
D. Marchisio

New flow pattern  based model for flow boiling in microchannels 
J.R. Thome

Segregation of particles in incompressible random flows:  singularities, intermittency and random uncorrelated motion
M. Reeks

Experimental studies for allowing the modelling of droplet collisions with complex liquid properties
M. Sommerfeld

Turbulence modulation and microbubble dynamics in vertical channel flow
C. Marchioli

Local and instantaneous temperature field around a Taylor bubble
V. Babin

Rise velocity of a Taylor bubble in downward liquid flow
Y. Taitel

Self-dispersion of high-Re bubbles rising within a thin gap
V. Roig

Inlet condition effects on gas-liquid flow in mini-tubes
I. Zun

Why do miscible liquids take so long to mix?
R. Mauri

Particle accumulation structures (PAS) in thermocapillary liquid bridges
H. Kuhlmann

Break-up conditions of a flapping liquid jet
A. Delon

Interaction and coalescence of two large bubbles rising in tandem in a thin-gap cell
P. Ern

On the onset of stable dryout conditions in annular two-phase flows in heated channels
H. Anglar

Small-scale dynamics and fluid-particle interaction around a cylinder placed over a porous seabed
M. Postacchini

Comparative analysis of 1D relaxation models calculations performed for carbon dioxide two-phase transonic flow through converging-diverging ejector motive nozzle
W. Angielczyk

Effect of sorption phenomena on the pressure build-up in twin-screw multiphase pumps
F. Hatesuer

Microchannel extractions using ionic liquids for spent nuclear fuel reprocessing
P. Angeli

Simulation of stratified gas-liquid flow in near-horizontal pipes
P. Andreussi

Air-water two phase flow patterns in small tube diameters under different inlet conditions
L. Tadrist

Flow boiling of R-245fa at high reduced temperature
R. Revellin

Pool boiling heat transfer on low narrow finned mild steel tubes
Y. Wang

Numerical simulation of the flow boiling of elongated bubbles within microchannels
M. Magnini

Numerical simulation of bubble growth under the action of electric forces
P. Di Marco

Condensation in minichannels: effect of channel shape and inclination
D. Del Col

3D ALE-FEM simulation of microscale two-phase flows with phase change
G. Rabello

An entrainment mechanism map for a cocurrent adiabatic vertical downward air-water flow
M. Milan

EHD augmentation and control of heat transfer rates during convective boiling
A.J. Robinson

Enhancement of forced and free convection heat transfer rates during spinodal decomposition of equal-density binary liquid systems
A. Ullmann

Heat transfer in spinodal decomposition: an experimental and numerical work
P. Poesio

Experimental investigation on heat transfer in transient boiling
R. Visentini

Incorporation of non-adiabatic effects to pressure drop calculations in flow boiling and flow condensation
D. Mikielewicz

Experimental investigation of local oxygen mass transfer in reactive gas-liquid flows
M. Schluter

Measurement of hold-up and bubble size inside a porous structure by planar laser induced fluorescence using index matching
R.P. von Rohr

Quantitative data from ultra-fast electron beam X-ray computer tomography measurements
D. Lucas

A PIV study of sedimentation of drops in yield-stress fluid
A. Nir

Recent advances in stochastic modelling of turbulent particle-laden flows
S. Chibbaro

Lagrangian tracking of evaporating droplets in a homogeneous nearly isotropic turbulence using in-line digital holography
M. Lance

DNS of solid particle transport by hairpin vortices in a laminar bundary layer
I. Vinkovic

The Lattice-Boltzmann Method: A useful tool to study particle-scale
M. Sommerfeld

Breakage and restructuring of agglomerates in shear and elongational flows
M. Vanni

Orientation of non-spherical particles with inertia in shear and extensional flow
F. Lundell

Deformation of a viscous drop in compressional Stokes flow
A. Nir

Turbulence modulation through the interface of a deformable drop
L. Scarbolo

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