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51st ETPFGM 2013

Lyon, 13-15 May 2013

Organiser: Rémi Revellin

List of papers presented


Thermally induced oscillatory two-phase flow in a mini-channel: towards understanding transport mechanisms inside pulsating heat pipes
F. Lefevre

The use of two-phase fluids for secondary refrigerants
L. Fournaison

My experience with bubbles
A.J. Robinson

Design of experimental steady state two chambers gasifier
Y. Taitel

Flow boiling of alternative refrigerants at high temperatures in a horizontal smooth tube: experimental investigation on the effect of reduced pressure on adiabatic frictional pressure gradients
W. Mauro

Physical meaning of the pressure drop decomposition in two-phase flows
S. Lips

Two-phase liquid-liquid flow in pipe bends
Y. Kaplan

Flow boiling patterns, pressure drop and heat transfer rates of R134a and R245fa in micro tubes
T.G. Karayiannis

Experimental investigation of R-245fa flow boiling in minichannels for different flow conditions
R. Charnay

Micro particle shadow velocimetry (μPSV) for air-water flow analysis in capillaries
S. Khodaparast

Visual study and heat transfer of flow boiling in a transparent tube
G. Zummo

Numerical calculations of two – dimensional temperature field in a vertical minichannel
M.E. Poniewski

Numerical simulation and experimental investigation of two-phase flows in Y-shaped mircochannels
S. Mosler

Flow topology of hydrothermal waves in liquid bridges and its relation to dissipative particulate structures
H.CV. Kuhlmann

Dynamic modeling of a two-phase flow microchannel electronics cooling system
T. Saenen

Experimental and numerical investigation of condensation inside minichannels
D. Del Col

Break-up of small inertial aggregates in turbulent channel flow
A. Soldati

Pressure fluctuation reduction in once-trough micro evaporators
C. Rops

The dispersion and two way coupling of small electrically charged particles in stationary isotropic turbulence
J. Shrimpton

Experimental investigations of influence of solubility of gas in oil on degassing phenomena in two-phase flow
K. Zabkova

Mixing at high Schmidt number in a random array of spheres
C. Besnaci

Multi-scale analysis of drug delivery through an inhaler device
M. Sommerfeld

Viscosity model of time-dependent blood flow considering deformable RBCs clustering
J. Urevc

Velocity measurements in a cavitating micro-channel flow
M. Lance

Size and velocity distributions of the droplets produced by a single wave in a stratified air-water pipe flow
A. Audouin

On the behaviour of a water droplet on a heterogeneous wettability surface
M. Miscevic

An investigation of bubble formation and fluid dynamics in pool boiling of propane on horizontal tubes
Y. Wang

Motion of a single bubble rising in a countercurrent flow in a Hele-Shaw cell
A. Filela

Wall shear stress induced by rising Taylor bubbles
J. Tihon

Detachment of gas bubbles from an inclined surface
P. Di Marco

Quasi-static bubble shapes
S. Siedel

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