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52d ETPFGM 2014

Dresda, 13-15 May 2014

Organiser: Dirk Lucas

List of papers presented


Bubbly Flows in Two-Phase and Three-Phase Bubble Columns
A. Tomiyama

Bubble and drop shapes under the action of force fields: commonalities and differences
P. Di Marco

DNS of multiphase flows: What now?
G. Tryggvason

Simulations of bubbles in liquid metals with and without application of external fields
J. Fröhlich

Wall drag modification by large droplets in turbulent channel flow
A. Soldati

Mass transfer from single Taylor bubbles in a mini channel
S. Kastens

Experimental investigations of the influence of aperture plate on horizontal two-phase flow
K. Zabkova

CFD based mini vs. micro system delineation in elongated bubble flow regime
J. Gregorc

Investigation of parameters governing the onset of the two-phase thermoacoustic engine
Y. Bracha

Influence of flow obstacles on post-dryout heat transfer
H. Anglart

Baseline model for Euler-Euler simulations of bubbly flows
R. Rzehak

Transient gas liquid flow in hilly terrain pipelines
Y. Taitel

Experimental and numerical investigation of small and elongated gas bubbles within liquid flows through circular microchannels
M. Magnini

On disturbance and ripple waves in downwards annular flow: Observations by simultaneous PLIF and PIV/PTV
I. Zadrazil

A novel method to predict EHD bubble deformation
S. Siedel

Assisted atomization of a gas-liquid jet: effect of the volumic gas fraction in the inner jet on the spray characteristics
J.-C. Guillard

Two-phase flow measurements with ultrafast X-ray tomography
U. Hampel

Interfacial wave dynamics and liquid film velocity in falling films from simultaneous laser induced fluorescence and particle tracking velocimetry
A. Charogiannis

Analysis of non-adiabatic effect in bubbly and annular flow in flow boiling and flow condensation in minichannels
D. Mikielewicz

Heat transfer mechanisms of natural refrigerants boiling on horizontal tubes with different roughness
B.C.F. Müller

Stability analysis of stratified flow in inclined channels
N. Brauner

Numerical modelling of a non-isothermal turbulent bubbly flow in a vertical pipe
M. Pakhomov

Numerical simulation of a polydispersed bubbly flow in a vertical pipe using a mass-velocity quadrature based moment method
R.O. Fox

Experiments on gas flow with wet pipe walls
O. Nydal

Wave characteristics and turbulence properties in stratified wavy oil-water flows
M. Chinaud

The effect of high voltage electric fields on evaporators and phase change thermal storage systems
J. Cotton

Condensation induced water hammer in horizontal pipes
M. Schlüter

Condensing of hydrocarbons with and without inert gases in tubes - Review and first results by a new experimental method
S. Skusa

Stable operation of a two-phase (wet) thermoacoustic engine using humid air
N. Berdugo

Two-phase flow in small diameter thermosyphons
A. Robinson

Investigation of unsteady heated film flows by combined PLIF-IR imaging
A. Charogiannis

Water-ethanol mixing in T-shaped microdevices
E. Brunazzi

Numerical modeling of horizontal annular pipe flow using a droplet entrainment model
T. Höhne

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