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53rd ETPFGM 2017

Gdansk, 22-24 May 2017

Organiser: Dariusz Mikielewicz

List of papers presented


Flow visualisation and mechanistic modeling of closed loop pulsating heat pipes

Prof. John R. Thome


Two-phase thermosiphon for heatsink retrofit applications

Agostini Bruno, Habert Mathieu


Dependency of bubble column flow regime on bubble size distribution

Ziegenhein Thomas, Lucas Dirk


Bubble growth from an orifice under the action of electric forces

Kurimoto Ryo, Di Marco Paolo, Saccone Giaccomo, Minagawa Hisato, Tomiyama Akio



Droplet microfluidics - controlling and using capillary effects in functional systems

Prof. Piotr Garstecki


Evaporation of liquid flowing downward in pipes

Hayat Ron, Barnea Dvora, Taitel Yehuda


Circumferential distribution of film thickness and interfacial structure in downward inclined flow

Fershtman Adam, Robers Lukas, Prasser Horst-Michael, Barnea Dvora, Shemer Lev


Water displacement from lower sections of hilly terrain oil and gas pipelines

Bissor Eitan H., Ullmann Amos, Brauner Neima


Pressure drop prediction in annular two-phase flow in macroscale tubes and channels

Cioncolini Andrea, Thome John R.


Flow boiling characteristics of binary mixtures

Sempértegui-Tapia Daniel F., Karayiannis Tassos G.


A new model for two-phase annular flows including entrainment and deposition of droplets

Mauro Alfonso W., Rémi Revellin



Effect of inclination on flow pattern and heat transfer coefficient during condensation inside small diameter tubes

Prof. Davide Del Col, Marco Azzolin, Stefano Bortolin


Effect of surfactants and polymers on drop coalescence

Chinaud Maxime, Voulgaropoulos Victor, Angeli Panagiota


Diamagnetic nano-fluid behavior in the strong magnetic field

Fornalik-Wajs Elżbieta, Roszko Aleksandra


An ALE FEM method for two-phase flow with phase change

Gros Eric, Anjos Gustavo, Thome John R.


Mechanistic modeling of annular two-phase flow with heat transfer

Anglart Henryk, Li H.


InnoEnergy initiative for PhD Candidates

Fornalik-Wajs Elżbieta


Particle & bubble-laden flow simulations using Immersed Boundary Methods

Krull Benjamin, Tschisgale Silvio, Fröhlich Jochen

Viscosity-modulated breakup and coalescence of large drops in bounded turbulence

Roccon Alessio, Zonta Francesco, Soldati Alfredo


Actuation of flow pattern transitions in oil-water flows

Park Kyeong H., Chinaud Maxime, Angeli Panagiota

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